Liverpool managed to win a free kick for Nabi Keita, who skipped a stud across Douglas Lewis’ ankle and foot.

Liverpool Naby Keita concedes a free kick against Aston Villa after conceding a foul on Douglas Luiz before handballing.

In the first half, Keita and Luiz fought in midfield and Keita grabbed the ankles and feet of the Brazil national team.

Luiz caught the ball in protest and Moss decided to ignore the foul and give Villa man a handball.

It’s a weird decision. Moss has also been criticized for not finding Villa’s offside, with Ollie Watkins clearly behind the Reds defense.

Fans reacted to the Keita and Lewis incident and it’s understandable why they were outraged.

One comment: “Pep was right… ‘Everyone in the EPL loves Liverpool.'”

Another said, “It’s still a foul. Contact sports =/= You can step on people.”

3rd tweet: “The robber, Liverpool continue to dodge it.”

Someone said, “Keita isn’t even shy.”

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It was actually Luiz who gave Villa the lead after three minutes of a quick and hectic start.

Liverpool tied the score two minutes later when Joel Matip returned a pass to Virgil van Dijk.

One concern might be Fabinho’s suitability.

The 28-year-old was replaced with a thigh injury in the FA Cup final against Chelsea just days away.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

Andy Robertson was removed from the squad on match day, but manager Jurgen Klopp insisted that the latter be given a break.

When discussing Fabinho, Klopp said, “I’m not sure. [how bad it is]. He didn’t feel too much muscle.

“He’s pretty positive, but to be honest, I’m not sure what I can do about it. We’ll see.

“The rest seems to work without any problems.”


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