Lizzo has discontinued Peloton live classes that may have caused the app to crash.

Lizzo stunned fans by stopping live Peloton classes in New York after the release of their new album Special.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lizzo crashed on a live Peloton Ride.

Lizzo surprised a lucky group of riders by jumping into a live class at Peloton’s New York studio on Friday, July 15th.

The class was led by instructors Robin Arzón and Jess Sims with several attendees. The Grammy-winning singer entered the classroom with everyone silent while fitness enthusiasts prepared for the session.

The 34-year-old diva came into the studio to play her platinum-certified single Good as Hell, which engulfed the crowd.

The singer went on a two-in-one for 30 minutes and delivered several of her old and new hits.

During the show, Lizzo’s backup singers also joined her and choreographed in an all-pink Yitty sweatshirt.

Moreover, to my surprise, the Peloton app crashed due to the improvisation of singer Juice.

Fans believe that Lizzo’s appearance caused Peloton’s app downtime.

Following Lizzo’s incredible performance, many Peloton users had trouble connecting to classes on Friday.

One user said, ‘Oh, I was curious what happened to my Peloton, so I had to come to Twitter to check it out. They don’t even support it!.’

Another person said, ‘Too many people riding @lizzo and logging into Peloton, the whole platform is down. This is the collective power of women who no longer have time to have traditional notions of fitness and beauty. Officially the thickness is 30!’

Peloton also tweeted about the power outage issue: ‘I’m so sorry I’m down now. I know, I want to take the Lizzo class too.’

However, they did not reveal the true reason for the app crash.

Peloton also shared Lizzo’s clips with the backup dancers and sent messages as a joke. .’

Lizzo’s new album Special has been released.

Lizzo released her fourth studio album Special on July 15th. It is the sequel to her 2019 album Cuz I Love You.

The album consists of a total of 13 tracks. They are as follows:

  • Login lyrics
  • about shit
  • Grrrls lyrics
  • 2 Are you ready to be loved?
  • i love you bitch
  • special
  • break up twice
  • everyone’s gay
  • Naked lyrics
  • birthday girl lyrics
  • if you love me
  • cold play
  • A very special message from Lizzo



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