Lizzo praises Reese Witherspoon for recreating TikTok’s viral ‘About Damn Time’ dance video.

With TikTok providing a platform for ordinary people to create content, stars have joined the app, as Reese Witherspoon reinvented Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” trend, which the latter greatly loved. Well, over the years, TikTok’s popularity has even reached celebrities, and they truly love it. But what about this “About Damn Time” trend on Reese Witherspoon’s TikTok?

Read ahead to learn more about Lizzo’s reaction to Reese Witherspoon’s “About Damn Time” trend on TikTok.

Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” trend is riding word of mouth on TikTok.

meIf you’re a Lizzo fan, you’ve probably heard of her hit song “About Damn Time”. However, on TikTok, Rizzo’s song is gaining more popularity because of the dance moves that cannot be missed. In fact, we know how popular Lizzo is with millions of followers on TikTok.

Recently, Lizzo showed off her precise dance moves on TikTok’s “About Damn Time” trend. It was the famous actress Reese Witherspoon who she couldn’t help but try. Yes, Reese tried out Lizzo’s song trends with Lizzo’s dance moves on TikTok.


I would have given the left Gucci lip to go to the reunion that awakens spring 😭

♬ About Zen Time – Rizzo

Lizzo’s surprising reaction to Reese Witherspoon’s “About Damn Time” trend on TikTok

Reese Witherspoon tried Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” trend. Reese literally tried the trend and nailed it with her moves. In fact, Rizzo personally recognized the video of Liz trying to trend on TikTok. Because she finally saw it and reacted. After watching Reese’s video, Lizzo said her attempt was just “Iconic.”

In fact, the singer even went so far as to say that Reese could now become a big girl at any time. Not only that, Lizzo shared her duet with her Reese on her Instagram. She even posted a fire emoji.

User Reactions to Reese Witherspoon’s “About Damn Time” Trend

TikTok’s Lizzo trend for About Damn Time went on to get 7 million likes, according to Dexerto. However, Reese Witherspoon’s same attempt got around 60,000 likes. Whether it’s a solo attempt by a trend or a duet video of two stars, don’t forget. All loved by TikTok users.

Even an Instagram post sharing a video of Lizzo on the Lizzo page has garnered more than 3 million views. Netizens who saw the video responded that both the singles and duets of the stars included in ‘About Dam Time’ were very good.

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