Lizzo reacts to backlash for dressing up as Chrisean Rock for Halloween.

Lizzo has been criticized for dressing up as Chrisean Rock for this year’s Halloween.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lizzo’s Chrisean Rock Halloween costume creates a backlash.

Lizzo used social media to respond to the criticism she is facing about dressing up as Chrisean Rock for this year’s Halloween.

She cleared the air by saying she didn’t mean to offend anyone.

The 34-year-old singer wrote, “I wasn’t wearing a skinny suit.” You can disguise yourself as a non-aggressive person. Rock lit I’m lit it’s all love. Don’t make it weird.’

Lizzo shared a series of photos of Rock’s re-enactments on Instagram.

She wore a white T-shirt and matched denim shorts. Other than that, she showed off a Chrisean-like neck tattoo and missing front teeth.

Singer Truth Hurts’ clarification comes after several users pointed out that they shouldn’t encourage Rock, which has a poisonous on-and-off relationship with Blueface starting in 2020.

If you didn’t know, Rock and Blueface’s chaotic relationship has been making headlines over the past few months.

Also, after Rock claimed that the rapper Thotiana hit her during an argument, many users said their relationship wasn’t healthy.

Meanwhile, the controversial Bad Girls Club star appears to have endorsed Lizzo’s harmless outfit.

She commented ‘Awwwwww love dis’ on the Houston native’s post.

Netizens react to Lizzo’s Chrisean Rock Halloween costume.

Several users criticized Lizzo for turning Chrisean Rock into a Halloween gag.

One user said, ‘Really? Domestic Violence Glorification??? Was this girl slapped in the face once more by the abuser and screaming with laughter? That’s why she lost her teeth!!!’

Another user also said, ‘Why is nobody trying to help her. It’s not good to have an abusive relationship.’

Another netizen said, “I dressed up as a fat woman who was publicly beaten by a famous best friend. She’s shy.’

Still, loyal fans of the Grammy Award winner took her side, starting to call haters in the comments section of the post.

One fan said, ‘I get angry on behalf of someone who likes clothes. Being fat is no excuse for anything. It’s so disgusting.’

Another fan said, ‘How did you guys make risotto dressing with Christian rock?’

Meanwhile, another fan joked, “Rizzo, who plays Christian rock on Halloween, honestly made my day.”


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