Lizzo The Headliner Collection price and where to buy?

As Lizzo comes to be loved by everyone no matter what she does, we recently found her Headliner collection dropping from the market. Yes, it’s her new activewear. Well, if that lets you know what this collection actually has. All possible updates are here. What can you expect from this new collection?

Read ahead to learn more about Lizzo and her new Headliner collection.

Lizzo’s The Headliner Release Date

For her shapewear launch, Lizzo has released too many collections. This latest collection is the second from her brand Yitty. We want to know when fans of Lizzo will be able to see this collection. They are also eager to add to your wardrobe.

Well, if you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to know that this Headliner collection from Lizzo is already on the market. As it was released on the label’s e-commerce site on June 1. So you can check the collection and price as well.

What’s special about Lizzo’s Headliner collection?

This latest Lizzo collection is the second drop from the Yitty brand. We have this brand in tune with Fabletics. Also, the first drops in this collection were Mesh Me, Nearly Naked and Major Label. There are 6 different types of second drop titled “The Headliner”.

The first is a headliner shaping bandou, headliner high-waisted leggings, a headliner midi bralette, a headliner high-waisted shorts, a headliner open bust tong bodysuit, and the last product is a headliner catsuit. So this time you can get a variety of activewear.

Lizzo’s Headliner Collection Price

If you want to know how much Lizzo’s Headliner collection costs. Then it starts at $49.95 to $59.95 for the Headliner bandeau. Headliner high-waisted leggings range from $69.95 to $89.95. Also, prices range from $64.95 to $69.95 for the Headliner high-waisted shorts.

It can also range from $74.95 to $84.95 for a Headliner thong bodysuit. Finally, you can choose the Headliner catsuit for between $94.95 and $99.95. Don’t miss out on our shapewear size range from XS to 6XL. If you are willing to buy it, you can get details to buy it from the label’s website.

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