Logan Paul and King Sejong Institute New Prime Moisture Flavor ‘Metamoon’, How to get it? release date

Logan Paul & KSI, both from enemies to business partners, will launch another flavor of their prime hydration drink called “Meta Moon” this September. The announcement of their new drink came this week. To argue that the new drink is so good it can’t be explained. Well, if you want to try it too. Here are the details on how you can do it.

Logan Paul and King Sejong Institute introduce a new drink, Meta Moon, for everyone.

Logan Paul & King Sejong Institute Prime Hydration

King Sejong Institute and Logan Paul were enemies before. But later they teamed up for sports drink company Prime Hydration. They announced this in January of this year and offered up to five flavors for the drink. It was fruit punch, orange, grape, lemon lime and blue raspberry.

This summer they came up with another flavored drink with ice pops. All have received pretty good responses from customers. However, the most recent buzz is about a new drink that is due out this September, and has a “mysterious taste” that everyone can try.

When will Prime’s Metamoon be released?

Two SNS stars appeared on SNS on the 12th this week to announce the new taste of Prime Hydration Metamoon. The new drink launched by Prime Hydration has not yet been released, but is called “Meta Moon”.

However, according to the notice, the taste is so delicious that it is difficult to define it in words. So everyone is eagerly awaiting a taste of the cosmic flavor of Prime Hydration drinks. It will be released on September 14th. So if you want to grab the pack, you can grab it quickly enough after the official launch on the 14th.

How to purchase Prime’s Metamoon Drink?

Most all major retailers have Prime Hydration drinks in the UK and US. However, after the new drink, Meta Moon has not yet been officially released. We still don’t know where to get this new drink.

We recommend that you check to see if you can find it at your nearest Target or Kroger store. However, you may need to log into the Prime Hydration official website to see all the information about Meta Moon drinks and how to drink them.

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