Logan Paul reveals why he doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate

Logan Paul doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate. Tate has long been controversial as a result of being banned on almost all social media platforms. But fans are looking forward to a potential confrontation between the Paul brothers and Tate. Now what Logan doesn’t want to have. But why?

Read ahead if you want to know more about Logan Paul not wanting to fight Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate and the Paul brothers fight

It is rumored that Jake Paul and Logan Paul will often fight either boxer. We once heard rumors that Tate would fight Brother Paul. In fact, in 2021, Tate wanted to fight Jake Paul.

But despite rumors that either Jake or Logan fought Andrew Tate. We have never had a fight come true. But now we know what Logan Paul thinks about fighting Andrew Tate.

Logan Paul doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate

Fans would have loved to see Andrew Tate and Logan Paul fight. The latter talked about this recently in his IMPAULSIVE podcast. “I don’t want to make this guy a platform,” he said. He certainly wasn’t interested in fighting Tate.

In his podcast, he said, “I don’t want to give him the blessing of being my dance partner in the boxing ring, after social media platforms have made it very clear how they feel about this guy.” He went on to ask others like King Sejong Institute not to challenge Tate for a fight. King Sejong Institute recently announced that they would like to face Andrew Tate after two wins.

Why is Andrew Tate in the spotlight?

Andrew Tate has long been controversial, primarily because of his remarks. Some of his remarks were perceived as hateful and rude to women. The article received a lot of criticism on social media. Not only that, Andrew Tate was banned from almost all social media platforms. Recently, even his YouTube channel was nowhere to be found on the platform.

Also, he removed his Twitch channel. Other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok have already banned him. But the social media pages he left behind are for social work, as he said in his last recent video.

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