Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT: What’s the release date, price, and how to buy it?

Logan Paul prepared Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT. 99 Originals of Logan has been around for a long time. His fans wonder when he can catch it and how it will be available to everyone. So, we’ve brought all possible updates to the latest Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT. So what can you expect?

Read ahead to learn more about Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT and other details.

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT Release Date

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT’s release was previously on April 17th. However, it was later changed and the first of his 99 collections dropped to Originals.com on May 9th. Starting from there, other photos from the collection are dropped daily.

The site where you can get the 99 originals is Originals.com. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in purchasing the collection, you’ll have to participate in a separate auction for each of the 99 originals. But before that, you need to know what 99 Originals are.

What is Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT?

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT latest collection is all about his 99 Polaroid photos. Logan’s 99 images actually cover some of the greatest and most important moments of his life. Be the moment he fought in the ring. Or when he toured some of the iconic places.

It contains moments of falling in love many times, not just once. Also his drug addiction and other moments are part of 99 Originals NFT. Well, if that’s intriguing you, here’s a way to get Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFTs.

Logan Paul (YouTube)

How to buy Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT?

The process of purchasing Logan’s Special 99 Original will be carried out through an auction. As I said before, each of his 99 images is put up for auction and a bid is placed on it. Each auction runs 24 hours on Originals.com.

Also, a timer helps and warns you during the last 15 minutes of your bid. On the other hand, the bid must be at least 10% higher than the current bid amount. We also know that the initial sale of the first of the 99 images will be used for war relief in Ukraine.

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