London Police impose an additional fine of 50 for Downing Street Party.

LONDON — Police investigating an unlock party on Downing Street said Thursday they had imposed 50 additional fines.

Johnson said no one was affected by the latest announcement, but neither police nor names were given.

London Metropolitan Police have identified more than 100 cases of violations in government offices, including Downing Street, where Johnson currently lives and works, highlighting the scale of the violations where the UK’s stringent coronavirus laws are written.

The new fine, known as the fixed fine notice, is thought to be partly related to the December 2020 pre-Christmas party on Downing Street where the prime minister was not present. the BBC said. But when Johnson’s aide, Allegra Stratton, resigned over an incident that was filmed as a joke, the crisis that became known as ‘partygate’ struck.

Prime Minister Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak have been fined for attending the Prime Minister’s birthday celebrations on Downing Street in June 2020. Prime Minister Johnson apologized but declined the call. May he resign.

At the time of the rally, many Britons were making personal sacrifices, and in some cases contact with dying relatives was prohibited.

Metropolitan Police are still investigating whether a total of 12 rallies on Downing Street and other government buildings broke the law, and it remains possible that Johnson will face at least one more fine.

Political fervor over Prime Minister Johnson was briefly tempered after Durham police decided to reopen an investigation into whether opposition Labor leader Kier Starmer also broke lockdown orders by drinking and taking out beer. Eating out during last year’s campaign visit.

Starmer asserts unlike Johnson, who promised that he did not break the rules and that he would resign if the police fined him.

But until the police investigation is complete and Starmer’s future is decided, this episode, inevitably nicknamed “beergate,” will likely blunt Labor’s attack on the prime minister for violating lockdown rules.

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