Loona Chu, an eating disorder? Instagram story description

LOOΠΔ Chuu informed fans that she has no eating disorders through her Instagram story on October 6th. This clarification came after media speculation around the world that she admitted that the 22-year-old idol admitted that she wrestled with a meal at Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic. The snippet was part of an episode trailer that was released a few hours ago around the same time. The 22-year-old has stated in her own story that the speculation that she has an eating disorder is false. She didn’t necessarily cover her body before, she added, but she now engages in several leisure activities. She also conveyed the wish that Loona Chuu would personally support her rather than giving her the wrong impression.

Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic is a program in which famous psychiatrist Eun-young Oh consults celebrities for professional and personal problems. In episode 52, Loona Chuu will appear as a guest. Although everything seemed fun and lively from the start, the trailer for the episode left fans worried towards the end. Fans watched LOOΠΔ Chu, known for her bright personality, collapse while sharing her mukbang stories when she was particularly anxious. Her description of her eating cycle has helped many remember the commonly known symptoms of eating disorders.

What is an eating disorder?

An eating disorder is a mental disorder characterized by unusual eating behaviors that negatively affect an individual’s physical or mental health. Only one eating disorder problem can be analyzed at any given time. Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse are normal for people with eating disorders. These problems exclude obesity. Individuals often experience comorbidities between eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is estimated that 20-60% of people with erectile dysfunction have a background marked by obsessive compulsive disorder.

Although the causes of eating disorders are unsatisfactory, both biological and environmental factors appear to play a role. The cultural idealization of thinness is believed to exacerbate some dietary problems. People who have been sexually abused can likewise promote eating disorders. For example, some problems, such as nodules and rumination disorders, occur much more frequently in individuals with intellectual disabilities.

LOOΠΔ Chuu dismissed the eating disorder rumor.

Loona Chu has denied the allegations of eating disorders. On October 6th, Chu posted a post on her own Instagram story about her eating disorder, anorexia, and more. Obviously I’ve had limited outings before and never had the most fuzzy ideas of how to instantly relieve stress with a hectic schedule. That’s why I didn’t take care of my body and ate spicy food. He added, “I am grateful that I am now working happily through sports and leisure activities and conversations with people around me. This hypothesis began when a trailer featuring Loona Chuu appeared on ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’. She ate so much while filming that she couldn’t even breathe, she says. That’s what I eat when I’m in trouble. I ate and vomited. I had to go to the emergency room because my body was so stiff. I realized I shouldn’t, but it was to buy 20 minutes of happiness.

The trailer’s comments section was full of numerous positive replies. Her fans thanked her for her ‘diet problem’ with an open mind. They likewise sent steady messages. Nevertheless, as LOONA Chu Chu eating disorder dominated various online bulletin boards and media, she and her Bai explained in an Instagram story that she and her Bai did not have an eating disorder. Some of her fans accept her, but many actually feel a little skeptical. The latter half of the fandom speculated that she would have had no choice but to say so, especially since her binge eating, which she mentioned, is exceptionally normal for her eating disorders.

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