Louise Bonsall: Gemma Owen Mother in Love Island

Louise Bonsall is the mother of Gemma Owen and also known as the wife of Michael Owen. She is very close to her daughter and her wife. She is also an American reality star, best known for her cast in the popular MTV reality series “The Real World: Portland,” Gemma. Gemma was born and raised in Ohio and attended college at the University of Southern California. After her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and began working as a model and actress. She eventually moved to Portland, Oregon to join the cast of “The Real World.”

While on the show, Gemma became known for her outgoing personality and love of adventure. She was also known for her relationships with her fellow cast members, including a brief romance with her fellow cast member Johnny Devennzio. Louise Bonsall: Gemma Owen Mother in Love Island.

Who is Louis Bonsol?

  • Louise Bonsall is best known as the wife of famous football player Michael Owen.
  • She is also Gemma’s mother. Owen also met Louise Bonsall in elementary school in 1984.
  • The couple purchased a Lower Soughton Manor in Flintshire, North Wales, to store their cars and horses.
  • They were engaged on February 14, 2004 and married on June 24, 2005 at the Carden Park Hotel in Chester, Cheshire.

The two were originally going to get married at their home, but they changed their plans and decided to get married at the registry office when they heard that they would have to leave the place empty for three years to hold another wedding if they got permission to do so. Dress up informally and have a luxurious reception at home the next day.

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  • Their daughter Gemma Rose was born on May 1, 2003.
  • On February 6, 2006, they had a son named James Michael.
  • Their third child, daughter Emily May, was born on October 29, 2007.
  • Their fourth child, Jessica, was born on February 26, 2010.

Louise Bonsall Age, Height and Weight

How old is Louise Bonsall? She was born in America. Her exact date of birth is unknown. She is in her 50s. She holds American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. She stands at 1.68 meters, or 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs about 121 pounds, or 55 kilograms. Her eye color is blue and her hair color is dark blonde.

Louise Bonsall’s Daughter In Love Island UK 2022

Gemma Owen talked about her famous footballer father Michael Owen on Wednesday’s Love Island after accumulating for weeks. Dressage Rider, 19, spoke of David Beckham’s sons at daycare today after protecting her mom about her famous relatives and also revealed that she went to daycare with David Beckham’s children.

Gemma went on Twitter to announce that she was “itchy” to talk about her father bomb. Viewers finally burst into laughter at her ability to drop it and joked that “a spring of water ran out” for a chance to mention him. Others have accused Luca Bish of only being interested in meeting the former Liverpool striker that he could meet his estranged daughter.

  • Fans, on the other hand, took to Twitter when they first heard Gemma talk about Michael.
  • One exclaimed: ‘Gemma will be delighted that she’s finally been asked about her father.’
  • Another user said, ‘Oh wow; This is the first time Gemma’s father is mentioned in this series.’

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