LUNA, UST Investors Can’t Rest As Scammers Now Post Fake Terra Community Offers


  • Malicious actors are buying LUNA and posting fake proposals to Terra Station, which has a phishing site.
  • Terra has seen an increase in spam proposals as LUNA’s ‘cheap’ becomes easier economically.
  • The Terra team has now added a whitelist for new proposals in the ecosystem.
  • The Terra community continues to vote on Proposition 1623, which fork the chain with 66.3% of ideas.

LUNA and UST investors don’t seem to be taking a break as malicious actors are taking advantage of recent events surrounding both digital assets to post bogus offers on Terra Station along with additional links to phishing sites.

Also, fake offers take users to previews of Terra 2.0 and Dapps released by the Terra team, but are actually trying to steal from the community.

LUNA’s low value makes it easier to buy enough coins to submit fake proposals.

According to the Terra team, Terra (LUNA)’s remarkably low price has allowed scammers to purchase vast amounts of digital assets to carry out phishing attacks.

New Terra proposals to be whitelisted

As a result, the Terra team will now whitelist suggestions to find more sustainable solutions to the situation. The Terra team also stated that the end goal is to protect users from fraud, not to censor actionable offers. they said:

Our goal is not to censor actionable offers, but to protect users from fraud and ensure a good user experience. To view all offers, including potential scams/spam, simply click the “Show All” button on the “Governance” page of Station.

important. Clicking the “Show All” button may reveal potential scam offers. Beware of these types of posts to keep your funds safe.

Voter turnout for Terra Proposal 1623 reduced to 66.31%

For reference, the Terra community is currently voting for Proposition 1623, which aims to fork the chain into Terra Classic (LUNC) and Terra’s new chain (LUNA).

In the middle of last week, 90% of the Terra community supported the proposal, and Do Kwon added three quick fixes by Friday, May 20th. However, if you look at the ongoing voting on Terra Station, you can see that only 66.31% of the votes are in favor of the revised proposal.

The progress of Terra Proposition 1623 with 3 days left to vote. Source,

At the time of this writing, a total of 2527.45 million votes have been cast for Proposition 1623, including 167.6 million votes. The vote has already passed the minimum 50% threshold required to pass. Thus, it can be concluded that the Terra community will follow the chain fork proposal, despite three more days of voting remaining.

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