Macy Gray was supported by Jk Rowling, and the TERF controversial explanation is outlined.

American R&B singer Macy Gray made a controversial statement about trans women on an uncensored Pierce Morgan broadcast on Monday, July 4th. The singer also discussed her racism and Stars and Stripes. However, her controversial remarks in her performance have since been widely criticized by word of mouth.

What did Macy Gray say to Morgan?

In the conversation, Morgan complained that famous people are afraid to say what they really think about what a “woman” is. He asked Gray what he thought about the matter. She replied: β€œI think humans with b**bs. You have to start there. And a virgin.”

JK Rowling has expressed support for Macy Gray.

Morgan also made recent transphobic allegations against JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and supporter of Gray’s point of view. Rowling later shared support for her remarks with Gray on Twitter. During the show, Gray was asked questions about her transgender women and the host urged her to address issues related to her transgender women in her sport. The 54-year-old Ohio-born agrees with Morgan, adding: law. sorry.”

Twitter users’ reactions to the remarks

In the tweets that followed, Gray defended his comments and expressed his respect for the LGBTQ community. However, she replied this way to restate her view of her transgender people. β€œIt takes time and effort to earn the title of β€œwoman”. There are many women who are not yet women, and every girl understands it like a “man”.

Many Twitter users have expressed dissatisfaction with Macy Gray’s comments. Netizens who disagreed with her have called her ‘TERF’ (a term for feminists who exclude trans women’s rights from discussions about women’s rights). She said she had her supporters.

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