Madison Cawthorn under investigation by House Ethics subcommittee

The House Ethics Committee subcommittee is investigating Republican Congressman Madison Corson to determine whether he has had an improper relationship with an employee and whether he improperly promoted cryptocurrency that may have undisclosed financial interests.

The Democrat-led House Ethics Committee announced on Monday that the Investigation Subcommittee, which was unanimously established by an Investigation Subcommittee led by Democratic Representative Veronica Escobar, will investigate the relationship between North Carolina Republicans and employees and cryptocurrency issues. The 26-year-old is the youngest member of Congress backed by Trump. I lost the preliminary race earlier this month.

The investigation follows the American Muckrakers, a political action group against Cawthorn. complained Cawthorn and one of his House of Representatives aides alleges several violations with the Office of Congressional Ethics, alleging that they have provided free housing, travel and loans to the aide. The group cited social media posts suggesting a personal relationship between Cawthorn and his aide, Stephen Smith. Some at Cawthorn’s own party also promoted an investigation. North Carolina’s Senator Thom Tillis supported the Cawthorn challenger, citing potential insider trading, and launched an ethical investigation into Cawthorn.

Cawthorn declared these allegations a “co-attack” and insisted that it would not back down from advertising. He has yet to respond to news of the House Ethics Committee’s investigation.

“I never folded in Washington and the swamps hate me,” he said. video It was released last month, before the primary. “They want someone to do a backdoor deal and sell our values ​​to and someone to give up the ‘America First’ principle.”

Cawthorn took the spotlight earlier this year by claiming his colleague. invited him to an orgy, sparked criticism from some GOP colleagues. Cawthorn was stopped with a loaded gun at Charlotte’s airport earlier this month. Authorities were caught by police in Ashville earlier last year while trying to bring a pistol to a plane.

It’s unclear how long the House Ethics panel will take to work. The subcommittee said Monday it would not investigate lawmakers speeding and driving with a revoked license in North Carolina.

Republican Representative Michelle Fischbach and Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester will also serve on the Investigation Subcommittee.

— CBS News Correspondent Nikole Killion contributed to this report.


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