Madonna concerns among fans about sharing twerking video

Madonna recently posted a TikTok video of herself bouncing or showing off her twerking skills amid continuing fan concerns about her ‘unpleasant’ post.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Madonna is curled up and curled up in lingerie.

Madonna posted a dangerous video on TikTok on Friday, dancing to Luclover’s song L$D.

In addition, the material girl in the video wore a black lace bra and matched black high-waisted pants and fishnet stockings to create a lingerie look.

In the untitled 11-second video clip, the 64-year-old stares into the camera for a moment before starting to shake her back.

Other than that, the Queen of Pop sticks out her tongue, licks her lips, and turns to show off her ‘balloon ass’ and starts waving towards the camera.

Meanwhile, the video joins a series of eye-catching posts from a mother of six. She shared a video on Thursday while lip-syncing to rapper Baby Keem’s Vent angry.

The track’s lyrics are, ‘Have you ever clenched your fist in the face of a fucking king? You say oh, didn’t you? All right, wait!’

Fans react to Madonna’s twerking video

Many fans have expressed concerns about the singer’s ‘noisy’ social media posts in the comments section of the TikTok post.

One user said, ‘What are you doing? Looks like Marilyn Manson or something! Don’t shave your eyebrows!’

The second one said, ‘The Madonna I admired was in the Immaculate Collection…this woman is insane.’

The third also said that ‘Madonna expressed a woman’s confidence’. But now she is just a ‘sad, fearful, anxious, old man’.

Others on social media have questioned whether the Madonna in the viral social media post is the real her or not.

One fan said, ‘Is that really her? She’s obviously not?’

Another netizen claimed, “It’s not the Madonna I knew.”

Someone said ‘sometimes it’s enough’.

Still, there were two other fans who suggested that Madonna may have had botox.

Another user said, ‘You should stop playing with your face. And draw some eyebrows.’

Another netizen commented, ‘Now I’m starting to get scared. why?’

Another person pointed out that before adding the facepalm emoji, it ‘blinks for help’.

Another user wrote, ‘Mom, what are you doing?’


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