Madonna launches NFT collection in collaboration with Beeple

On May 9, 2022, Madonna released a strange limited-edition NFT collection depicting herself. A digital version of the singer who gives birth to trees and other creatures appears in the “Mother of Creation” collection.

The collection includes 3D scans of the singer’s own body, released in three separate videos. NFT was created by computer artists, graphic designers and animators Madonna and Beeple (real name Michael Joseph Winkelmann). They highlight Madonna’s role as her mother and creator.

The ‘Queen of Pop’ side expressed their joy at the opportunity to show their vision through a video through an official position. She said that when she and Mike decided to collaborate on this project over a year ago, she said she was delighted to have had the opportunity to share Mike’s distinct perspective and her vision of the world as her mother and artist. ”

She also said that the NFT is built for good, helping “mothers and children who need the most help right now.”

Madonna entered the metaverse less than two months after acquiring the Bored Ape token.

Watch Madonna’s NFT Collection Video

‘Mother of Creation’ is the title of Madonna’s NFT collection and is divided into three videos. According to the official website, the group wants to convey a message about life and hope.

“You never know where life will lead and you should never lose hope.”

The first “Mother of Nature” video features an animated depiction of a pop singer sitting in an empty laboratory. She holds a huge tree with bark, branches, vines, moss and flowers. Here’s the video’s explanation:

“In a lifeless lab environment, the hole gives way to the branch that evolves into a full-fledged tree.”

Meanwhile, in the background, the singer provides an audio commentary that compares her path as a woman to that of a tree.

“My journey as a woman is like that of a tree.” Fight the resistance of the Earth, starting with a small seed.

In the second video, entitled “Mother of Evolution,” Madonna can be seen lying on an old car with butterflies oozing out of her body. In the background of her video, her singer can be heard repeating the lyrics of her own song, Her Justify My Love. She said, “I’m not interested in being your mother.” I don’t want to be your sister either. All I want is to be your lover. I want to be your child. “We can take off.”

The NFT tried to show the butterfly as a symbol of optimism.

“Mother of Technology” is the third video in the collection. It shows the singer resting in the woods with a metal centipede crawling out of her frame. According to the description, the centipede in the film represents a technology, its evolution and consequences.

“The centipede portrays technology as a source of life, a source of danger, and a contrast between darkness and light. In the physical, natural and real world, technology continues to advance. We can do anything we want, but with consequences. “In the end, nature will triumph.”

Madonna can be heard reciting Rumi’s poem in the background of the third clip.

“I saw myself as the source of all things.” I was there first and was a loving soul.

It is said that the three NFT films took almost a year to develop. It featured a 3D scan of singer Papa Don’t Preach. SuperRare holds auctions for your works. Proceeds from sales go to charities such as Voice of Children Foundation, City of Joy Foundation and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

Cryptocurrency company Moonpay, which supported the initiative, will also donate $100,000 to each charity. Madonna also released her third remix album, Final Enough Love. Prior to the launch of NFT, it will be released as a 16-track edition on June 24 and a 50-track deluxe edition in August.

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