Madonna posted a creepy video on her Instagram story saying “What are you doing…”.

Madonna “hangs up” by posting a shocking video on her social media accounts. On Friday, the “Like A Virgin” singer posted another scary clip to her Instagram Stories. As she stares blankly at the camera, her 1992 song ‘Waiting’ plays in the background. The 64-year-old artist took a close-up of her simple makeup while focusing on her plump lips. She likewise rocks her hair in bobbing pigtails, a blue coat, and silver jewelry. In addition to the numerous bizarre videos posted on her social media accounts, this video is the Queen of Pop’s latest release. Just a day ago, Madonna shared another video of herself licking water from a dog bowl and posing sexually with other objects.

Fans were taken aback by the crude and eccentric way the pop icon behaved, and many left unsatisfied comments in her posts. As one fan essentially put it, “What’s up..” Humiliation doesn’t really begin to describe this… WTF babes? How did you treat yourself? Do you understand how crazy a 64-year-old woman is drinking dog food? Are you trying to confirm your opinion? My God, another person said. Boy, she lost it.. but who will tell her!! It’s so miserable to see the legend fall! Another fan commented. The “Like A Prayer” vocalist’s recent actions on social media have caused many to worry about her safety.

Pop legend Madonna posts creepy video on her social media

Madonna posts one more scary video after posting a lot of disturbing videos on her account. The “Like A Virgin” vocalist took to social media accounts in recent months to post one more scary video among her various disturbing posts. As the vocalist of ‘Like A Prayer’ took a new step through SNS, many people were worried about her well-being. Her online posts have generated fans worried about her mental health. figure it out Fans can’t stand Madonna’s continued stupid behavior. And her most recent angry video could be their last straw. On Wednesday, November 9th, Queen of Pop visited Instagram with a series of weird content. One particularly insane clip depicts a 65-year-old man prostrate on all fours, licking water from a dog bowl near the song I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges.

At certain points in the restless video montage, the mother of six, clad in a fluffy green crop top, booty shorts, fishnet leggings and thigh high-heeled booties, crouched over a hot sauce container and even showed off her back. . Madonna’s 18.6 million Instagram followers, as usual, dissatisfied with Madonna’s eccentric behavior, flocked to her comment box, along with widespread hate speech. You can’t see her gaining new fans with this overly sexual resident persona, but I do see her losing her old fans. Is it true that you gain weight in your 60s? Come on, that’s terrible. Think about it, you have children. You were much better when you were younger. Come together to accomplish great things. Despite the fact that almost every post Madonna has shared on her Instagram has constantly hurt her fans, her singing flair still doesn’t seem to mention, and she doesn’t seem annoyed by the backlash.

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