Madonna’s face appears to be unrecognized in her TikTok video. is she okay?

Popular singer Madonna was shocked by her new look when fans called her face “geek” on social media. Without a doubt, Madonna was an icon that surpassed her real age in many ways. But her recent posts about her new look aren’t all that convincing about it. Because fans of the singer quickly reacted to her new look.

Read ahead to learn more about Madonna’s new look on social media.

Madonna shows off her new look on social media.

Madonna was an iconic singer of all time. Even though she’s 64, she doesn’t look old and she’s doing a really good job personally and professionally. Don’t forget, she’s often experimenting with her looks, which she often shares with her fans.

Recently, she shared another video of herself. Where she showed off her new pink hair. Her lips were pouted. Her face shape looked more heart-shaped than ever. While her eyebrows were bleached blonde.

Madonna’s video got a reaction from fans.

In a recently released video of Madonna, the singer was completely unrecognizable. Her singer’s face was hard to believe it was her. In fact, she commented a lot on her own Instagram post.

One of the users said he couldn’t believe it was Madonna. One of the users even told them that the singer’s new look was strange to them. To be sure, most fans of the singer were dissatisfied with the way Madonna was looking in her recent posts.

Some fans even defended Madonna in a recent post.

Let Madonna’s new look spread by word of mouth. Fans reacted with mixed reactions to her new appearance. Although some hated the singer’s appearance in her recent posts. Some seemed to defend her with her. Because they found comments bad enough for the singer.

One of her Madonna fans told her not to criticize her for her looks and choices. Some thought it rude to say such bad things about the singer. Well, definitely the new look and the singer’s posts have gone viral in response to them.

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