Madonna’s new TikTok has left fans uneasy.

Madonna’s fans are worried about her appearance after she shared a new TikTok video and titled it ‘unstable’.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Madonna Concerns Among Fans About New TikTok Video

Madonna’s appearance became a hot topic on social media when she shared a video on TikTok on the 20th.

The 64-year-old singer appears to have adorned herself with silver embellishments in a black mesh top. She also bleached her eyebrows when she recently braided her orange hair on TikTok.

The video began with Madge putting a blank expression on her face. She also leaned her body forward towards her camera, pursed her lips and almost gave her an eerie kiss. The clip includes a Material Girl hitmaker sitting on the back of a chair.

Aside from that, she actively lip synced the song Vent by Baby Keem.

Queen of Pop raps, ‘Have you ever punched a majestic in the face?’

Then she said, ‘What are you talking about? Oh, didn’t you? All right, wait.’

Still, fans filled the comments with worrying comments, worried about Madonna’s extremely plump lips and swollen cheekbones. But this seems to be the effect of the video filter.

Fans React to Madonna’s New TikTok Video

Many fans of Madonna have expressed their concerns about the singer’s new look via social media.

One user said, ‘It’s awful! What happened to the real Madonna who can actually see it and say wow!!! LMAO.’

A second critic said, ‘The Madonna I admired was in the Immaculate Collection… This woman has lost her mind. Time to retire… ‘

Third, ‘You were my idol. I love your music and creativity. Stop this weird reel! Now it’s dark and I’m worried.’

Another woman said, ‘You will remember how cool she was in the ’90s. She was an icon.’

Another said, ‘Don’t worry about celebrities, seeing Madonna’s creepy TikTok seems to have turned into a glossy goblin. Internet is enough, good night.’

Another user said ‘TikTok is blocking Madonna. Every time I see a video of her, it’s like jumping scared.’

Another netizen commented, ‘I literally blocked Madonna on TikTok. I don’t want sleep paralysis tonight, ty.’


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