Mads Lewis’ Kevin Mejia Meets Boyfriend, Explores Relationships

TikTok star Mads Lewis and boyfriend Kevin Mezia were released a sweet photo of them enjoying their vacation, surprising many viewers who were unaware that the YouTuber was dating.

The YouTuber received media attention after breaking up with Jaden Hossler, but now appears to have moved on in search of happiness.

After Mads hinted at their relationship in a recent Instagram post, fans wanted to know more about him.

Kevin Mejia – Who is she?

Kevin, an estimated 26-year-old fitness expert, works as Dog Pound’s head trainer. He has a long history of managing the company’s social media accounts and publishing his work there.

With 77,000 Instagram followers, Kevin often reveals the secrets of his workout routine. Kevin is known not only in his training but also in the entertainment world because he has worked with many celebrities. He has worked with celebrities including Adam Levine, Justin and Hailey Bieber.

In an interview with GQ, Kevin claimed to have founded Dog Pound to bring sports enthusiasts together.

Explore Mads Lewis’s post

Mads has long tried to remain silent about her relationship with Kevin, but the social media star didn’t hesitate to share a few photos from the trip.

In the photo, Kevin is seen lifting Mads while the two are having a good time together. However, Mads’s post doesn’t show Kevin’s face. Still, she didn’t think twice about mentioning him in one of her stories. Kevin also posted an update from Mads in his Instagram story.

It is currently unknown how the two met, but dating rumors have been circulating online since May 2022.

Investigate the relationship between Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler.

When the internet accusations first surfaced that Jaden was having an affair with Mads, they had already been dating for some time. Rumor has it that the singer continued to trade with Nessa Barrett.

Nessa, on the other hand, called people to fabricate the story and refute rumors of cheating. It is currently unknown whether Jaden and Mads are still speaking.

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