Magic Johnson Reveals NFT Shows Iconic Moment of Basketball Legend

Magic Johnson unveiled a new line of NFTs this week. Sports and NFTs continue to push the limits of technology, with US franchises at the forefront of the trend into the virtual realm.

The legendary basketball player is the latest to enter the digital art market with the launch of the “The anthology: Magic Johnson” NFT collection on NBA Top Shot.

The NFT collection launches on June 7th and will feature rare and legendary moments from Johnson’s career.

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A Rare Moment in Magic Johnson NFT

A total of 1,600 anthology packs are issued, each priced at $399. Each pack includes one of four Magic Johnson moments from the season when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship.

Each pack is guaranteed 1 Magic Johnson Moment NFT at a Rare or Legendary rarity level.

American sports franchises and sportsmen have embraced Web3, and there are many prominent athletes who act as advocates for major global exchanges.

Johnson is a five-time NBA champion, three-time NBA Finals MVP, and three-time NBA MVP (Sports Illustrated).

In 2020, NBA and Dapper Labs unveiled Top Shot, an NBA NFT marketplace built on the Flow (FLOW) blockchain.

Since then, sports organizations have implemented several initiatives to increase fan engagement and interest, including the establishment of NBAxNFT, the NBA Discord to connect with NBA fans on Web3.

Johnson said in a tweet on Monday:

“I’m excited to announce my first NFT with @nbatopshot and give fans my favorite career moments.”

The company says it will airdrop 1,200 packs to players with 150,000 or more topshot scores, while the remaining 400 packs will be given away free of charge to all buyers, regardless of topshot score.


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Johnson is a five-time NBA Champion, three-time NBA Finals MVP, three-time NBA MVP, 12-time NBA All-Star, and member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

“I already have faith in the NBA Top Shot. I know how they work,” Johnson said. “They always do it right. For me and all of them, it was unthinkable.”

The Hall of Fame Guards also sees NFT as a new way for fans to collect their careers and would love to see older generations of their contemporaries join the Top Shot with similar deals.

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In a related development, eBay announced its own NFT drop on Monday in honor of NHL legend Wayne Gretsky.

Polygon (MATIC) based NFTs have 4 unique rarity tiers. Only green grade NFTs can be purchased. Gold, Platinum and Diamond grades are completely sold out.

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