Male name "perm bro" Shkreli Thinks Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Is Full Of Shit

  • The infamous “Pharma Bro” was ripe for cryptocurrencies.
  • Martin Shkreli recently left prison for an early release.
  • Shkreli claims to have transacted in Uniswap while executing his sentence.
  • Ex-Scammers Believe Vitalik Buterim Is Great But Full Of Shit
  • Even NFTs like BAYC are stupid to former prisoners

Shortly after coming out of prison, Martin Shkreli shared stimulating thoughts about the crypto space, Ethereum co-founder and NFT. He was commented on in an open Twitter space this week.

Who is Martin Shkreli?

Shkreli was the head of Turing Pharmaceuticals, a company famous for acquiring key drugs used to fight AIDS, cancer and malaria. The drug was known as Daraprim. Shkreli was “Pharma Bro” after defending a huge price increase from about $13 to $750.

Authorities eventually intervened and Shkreli was charged with securities fraud. He was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2017. However, Pharma bro released a year ago And he continued to keep in touch with the burgeoning crypto industry.

Vitalik Buterin is full of shit and NFT is delayed – Martin “Crypto Bro” Shkreli

While serving time in prison, the now-rebranded CryptoBro claims to stay up to date on the developments in the world of digital assets and blockchain technology. In the Twitter space, Shkreli claimed to have access to DeFi tools and to become a password advisor among prison guards.

Interestingly, the former scammer added that he was familiar with Uniswap and learned how to trade on a decentralized exchange while in the joint.

However, the most notable mention of former Turing CEO in the Twitter space is allegedly to Vitalik Buterin. Pharma Bro, fresh out of prison and armed with insight into the crypto industry, says Buterin’s trilemma theory is “full of shit.”

Buterin’s concept of the trilemma argues that blockchain networks must compromise to achieve a balance between decentralization, scalability, and security. The new Crypto brother has said he doesn’t believe in the idea, but he recognizes the Ethereum co-founder as a standout in the blockchain industry.

NFT and Web3 were among the crypto commentaries, with Martin Shkreli tagging high-profile collections like Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club as “delayed”. Martin was impressed with the industry, but added that he had no interest at all.

The crypto community shared their thoughts on his early releases and his latest thoughts on the industry. The general sentiment for his commentary seems to be opposed, mainly because of his past pharmacist behavior.

Martin’s Twitter account “@Enrique5060782” was suspended shortly after the Twitter space.

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