Man charged with opening airplane emergency exit and slipping under wing at Chicago airport

A California man was arrested Thursday after sliding down the wing after opening the emergency exit of a plane that had just landed at Chicago airport. CBS Chicago reported According to Chicago police, 57-year-old Randy Frank Davila has been charged with reckless behavior.

Chicago Police Department said Davila got out of the plane around 4:37 a.m. on Thursday, walked over the wing of the plane and plunged into the airfield. Police said he was detained “without an accident” and charged with a misdemeanor. He is due to appear in court on June 27.

The fee is due to unruly passengers continuing to disrupt the flight and some try to open the door during the flight. In February, American Airlines flight attendants hit someone with a coffee pot After he tried to open the passenger door during the flight.

The FAA last April largest fine ever: $81,950 for a passenger suspected of beating a flight attendant, trying to open a cabin door, banging her head, and trying to kick the flight attendant and passengers, and $77,272 for a woman who attempted “escape in flight” and repeatedly bit other passengers.

The FAA received more than 5,500 reports of unruly conduct last year, and as passenger explosions soared, some airlines have developed internal ban lists.


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