Manchester City fan claims stadium invasion ‘spoiled his day’

One Manchester City fan got so upset that his fellow supporters decided to run to the Etihad Stadium on Sunday and he went home and missed it. Premier League Trophy Announcement.

It was a tense afternoon at Etihad Stadium. City did their best to give up a league title that had previously looked pretty convincing.

Goals from Matty Cash and Philippe Coutinho gave the defending champions two goals against Aston Villa and gave Liverpool a chance to steal the trophy from under City’s nose.

A fan called talkSPORT to tell him how he felt about the stadium raid, saying he had ruined his day.

“As soon as the final whistle blew, there was a riot.” An Alan City fan called Jim White and told him, while the presenter was talking with Simon Jordan about how bad the pitch invasion was.

“And the massive invasions you see on television, stewards must have been traffic cones. They’re all pointless.

“I thought, ‘No, no, this is nonsense. It is nonsense. It will take them an hour to clear this arena, and in theory all these people should be arrested.'”

“It just ruined the day, I went home and didn’t see the presentation.”

Then White made a very good impression that someone caring about Alan had ruined the “big day,” the sender added. .

“I just thought, “Oh no, I can’t stand watching these idiots run around like crazy.”

“Words let me down, they let me down.”

City fans hugging at the stadium. Image: PA Image

The truth is behind the issue of having a pitch invasion at the center of headlines in the last 10 days for all the wrong reasons.

It’s hard for me to dictate what Alan should think about the whole. But it seems too far to let a team ruin it all day after winning the league.

His criticism of the steward seems particularly harsh. People with little training and no pay are expected to be involved with tens of thousands of people trying to get past them. You could end up in all sorts of trouble if you don’t let them go.

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