Manchin, Democrats Vote Against Abortion Bill, Says He Will Vote To Codify Roe

West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin, who often swings votes in the Equal Senate, announced he would oppose a fellow Democrat’s bill to protect abortion rights, but said he would vote to codify it. roe vs wade.

Prime Minister Manchin told reporters on Wednesday that he opposes a bill called the Women’s Health Protection Act.

“I’m going to vote on a bill I won’t vote on today,” he said. “But I will vote for today’s Roe v Wade codification. I was hopeful about it.”

Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat who has been opposed to abortion rights in the past, said he learned at the Democratic National Convention this week that it won’t happen. Manchin’s announcement comes the same day that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to hold a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Democrats want to vote on the bill in response to a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that overturns Roe v Wade. A 1973 Supreme Court ruling found that demanding an abortion was part of the 14th Amendment’s right to privacy and was therefore constitutional.

In response, Democrats hope to plan a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act. Under this measure, the state could not restrict an abortion provider’s ability to prescribe certain medications, provide telemedicine abortion services, or provide immediate services if the delay determines that the life of a pregnant woman is at risk.

The measure also states that the state cannot order an abortion provider to perform unnecessary medical procedures, provide false medical information, hold credentials that do not apply to abortion, or perform any services related to abortion.

Manchin’s objection is against abortion and comes after Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, whose father was named after the 1992 Supreme Court decision Planned Parenthood v Casey, said he would support the bill.

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