Maneskin’s Performance Censored at Mtv Vmas 2022, Defining Maneskin Trends on Twitter

Italian glam rock band Maneskin debuted on August 28 at the MTV VMA Awards. At the awards ceremony, the band performed a provocative version of their famous song Supermodel. For the show, frontman Damiano David wore an uncovered upper. He likewise wore a thong. Bassist Victoria De Angelis wore a black dress with a spilled pie during set. As you can see from the photos of the event, Victoria De Angelis had thousands of dancers circling the band and moving to the front of the stage.

The performance included jumping and dancing, which probably caused a wardrobe malfunction. Nevertheless, the 22-year-old continued. Still, what disappointed fans was the way MTV kept changing to wide-camera shots of scenes during Maneskin’s performances. One disappointing fan cautioned that the band had the most interesting set, but MTV censored it. After the censorship, many fans expressed their dissatisfaction through social media and continued the trend of ‘Justice for Maneskin’ on the social media platform Twitter.

Definition of Maneskin Trends on Twitter as Fans Hit MTV to Censor the Band’s Iconic Performance at VMA 2022

The MTV Video Music Awards were full of surprises and surprises, including a special performance by Italian rock band Måneskin. Anyway, fans of the Maneskin group were very annoyed at the way MTV decided not to air their show. Throughout their performance, the camera continued to block the stage with empty backseats inside the Prudential Center, New Jersey, where the awards VMA was held, rather than focusing on Måneskin.

On MTV News’ official Twitter account, ‘Let’s meet @thisismaneskin! #VMA, fans shared their frustration and frustration as replies. One fan said, ‘Is that so? No one was watching. What the hell was that?? Another said, ‘I’m mad! I’ve been waiting all that time and they’ve been on for a few minutes and barely been on the screen? Many people did not know why MTV continued to leave the Måneskin group. It was believed that lead vocalist Damiano David was meant to censor scandalous outfits in thongs and black thongs. But it was probably an unexpected wardrobe malfunction that sparked the bizarre camerawork choice.

Måneskin’s bassist Victoria De Angelis wore a one-shoulder black Gucci outfit that exposed one of the bassist’s breasts but was covered in silver paste. After they started singing the song ‘Supermodel’, Victoria de Angelis’ shirt slid off her shoulder, revealing another breast that wasn’t smeared with her dough. Victoria De Angelis played and supported her band throughout the show, but MTV barely showed Måneskin’s actual stage to show the arena’s erratic scenes in an attempt to refrain from airing closet breakdowns. Many fans who heard the news are still worried, drawing attention to the fact that MTV was able to focus the camera on other people in her performance and not on Victoria de Angelis.

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