Manhunt continues on murderer who escaped after stabbing prison bus driver in Texas

Texas authorities are looking for an inmate who has been sentenced to life in prison for murder after he stabbed a driver in a bus and escaped.

Gonzalo Lopez, 46, escaped custody Thursday after breaking free from custody and subduing the driver of a bus carrying 16 prisoners, officials said. Lopez is charged with stabbing the driver’s left hand with an unknown object, causing the driver to stop in Centerville, Texas.

Lopez fled the scene on foot while another officer fired a service weapon on the bus. Officials said it was not known whether the fired bullets hit Lopez.

The incident prevented other prisoners from escaping, officials said.

Both officers and prisoners were evaluated at the scene. There were no life-threatening injuries among those involved, officials said Thursday.

The last time police saw Lopez, convicted of murder in 2006, was on a cattle ranch west of Centerville, the state criminal justice department said.

Texas officials are looking for inmate Gonzalo Lopez, who escaped after stabbing a prison bus driver.

Texas Criminal Justice Department via Facebook.

Students and staff in the Centerville Independent School District have taken precautions. Closure Thursday because of the incident. students eventually return home late in the afternoon and canceled All classes Friday.

Texas Criminal Justice Department canceled Friday visits by several units due to ongoing pursuit of Lopez.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to lock their homes and vehicles while agencies work together to find Lopez. If found, people are encouraged not to approach him and to call 911 immediately. You will receive a $15,000 reward. offer For information leading to his arrest.


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