Manny Pacquiao to fight YouTuber in December

Former boxer Manny Pacquiao plans to make a comeback in the ring to face off against YouTubers at an exhibition in December. He sometimes leaves the boxing ring. But his fans have a chance to see him in boxing gloves. Well, it will definitely give Manny’s fans a treat to see him again.

Former boxer Manny Pacquiao fights YouTuber

Manny Pacquiao and his boxing career

Manny Pacquiao, now a Filipino politician, was formerly a professional boxer. He is widely known as “Pac-Man”. His boxing career has always been one of the important steps in his life. He also holds 12 world titles as a boxer. He also became the first boxer to win a world title in five different weight classes.

Manny is one of the most popular boxers to hold a world championship in 40 years. Continuing his career, he became the oldest welterweight world champion after reaching the age of 40. However, in 2022 he participated in the Philippine presidential election. He retired from the role of a boxer in 2021.

Manny Pacquiao fights YouTuber in December

Although Manny left the boxing ring for his new journey in the politics of his country. It looks like his comeback to the boxing ring is possible this time around. Yes, Manny Pacquiao has a fight with boxing gloves on. But do you know who he has to fight?

But Manny comes back to fight a Korean YouTuber. The match will be held in this year’s exhibition match. The showdown between the two is scheduled to take place in December of this year. This time, martial arts teacher Yoo Dong-ki and Pac-Man will face off.

Fans React to Manny Pacquiao’s Return to Play

Both DK Yoo and Manny Pacquiao have good fans. Manny’s fans are delighted to see him return to the ring after a long absence. Meanwhile, details about their upcoming fight have yet to come out. Because they also sign contracts to fight.

That aside, social media is already flooded with comments from Manny fans expressing their excitement. In fact, sooner or later we will know the fight date as well.

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