Manuel Oliver, father of Parkland shooting victims, said of the Texas elementary school shooting: "Families don’t need your crazy mind. They need children."

4 years ago, Manuel Oliver’s Their 17-year-old son Joaquin was also killed in a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 14 students and three staff. On Tuesday he watched another mass shooting take place. elementary school in texas.

As of Tuesday evening, 18 children and one teacher have died. Authorities said an 18-year-old gunman, believed to have acted alone, entered elementary school around 11:30 a.m. and opened fire.

“My son Joaquin, my beautiful son Joaquin and my innocent son Joaquin were shot four times with an AR-15,” Oliver told CBS News’ Lana Jacques. “And today we saw an 18-year-old boy in Texas being able to take a weapon and kill children at school.”

“I’m very upset,” Oliver said. He has worked with numerous other parents of Parkland victims and survivors for many years to solve the problem of gun violence in America.

“We’ve been fighting against this. We’ve tried to prevent it. We knew it was going to happen, and we don’t know where,” he said.

“‘We believe more guns are the solution,’ Oliver said. You will hear these politicians sending their thoughts and prayers, and some of them will say, ‘Our hearts are with our families.'” “Well? Families don’t need your crazy mind. They need their kids. And their kids aren’t there anymore.”

Oliver told Uvalde’s family, who lost a loved one in a Tuesday massacre, “I know the pain. It’s terrible. Your life is meaningless at this moment. But the time with the camera in front of you is very short.” They won’t be there forever. They’ll keep going,” he said. “…as long as you’re in front of that camera, as long as you can ask to show your anger and sadness… do it, because the press won’t be there forever.”

Oliver said that society does not understand the failure to realize the reality of the situation. When asked if people seem to have “disobeyed their pleas” about gun reform, Oliver replied, “worse than that. It’s about money. It’s about profit. It’s about power.”

He accused Congress of doing nothing amid continuing violence.

“This must change the culture of whole countries killing Americans. We are killing each other. We are protecting our people from other countries’ wars, and here we have our own war.”

Oliver said there were over 250,000 additional victims of gun violence in the United States in 2020 since the day his son was killed. 45,222 Americans According to Pew Research, there are more gun-related deaths on record than any other year. Nearly 80% of all homicides in the United States in the same year were gun-related.

Tuesday’s attack came one day after the FBI reported more than: 52% increase In the case of “Active Shooter” from 2020 to 2021.

According to Education Week, 27 school shootings Dozens of people were killed or injured in the United States in the first five months of 2022.


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