Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie opposed almost every single bill passed in the House of Representatives to oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • Greene and Massie opposed almost every bill passed in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • The only bill Greene voted for was non-binding resolution They expressed their support for the Ukrainian people.
  • At times, the duo was the only vote against a bill that received unanimous support.

According to Insider’s review of the recent House vote, Republican Congressmen Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) and Thomas Massie (Kentucky) voted against nearly every bill passed in response to Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine.

the only exception is non-binding resolution A bill supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity backed by Greene was passed on March 2nd. Meanwhile, Massie joined Republicans Paul Gosar of Arizona and Matt Rosendale of Montana. negative vote.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in late February, Parliament has been busy responding to what has become Europe’s largest land war since World War II. Insiders have identified 19 bills ranging from non-binding resolutions to sanctions packages to military aid approvals, which have passed the House of Representatives since the beginning of the Russian invasion in late February. It contains a mix of new legislation as well as previously introduced resolutions to support a country besieged by Russia.

Some of these measures have provoked significant Republican opposition in the House of Representatives, including: 57 votes against recent allocation of $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine; 56 votes against legislation calling for debt relief for besieged countries; 63 votes against Resolution reaffirming US support for NATO.

Others have attracted opposition. Democratic Party left wing as well as include prohibition About Russian crude oil imports bill allow the seizure of the assets of the Russian elite; bill It is intended to counter the influence of Russia and China in telecommunications networks in Eastern Europe.

However, Greene and Massie were broadly opposed to a bill targeting Russia and were the only members of Parliament to vote against it. three otherwise unanimous Bill Financially targeted Russia and Belarus.

‘There are enough problems here’

On Thursday, Washington Post columnist Paul Kane asked Green about the number of votes against Ukraine legislation. Greene posted a clip of the exchange. From her official Twitter account And the media criticized it for being “obsessed with other countries.”

“I am very sorry for the people of Ukraine, but I have been elected to represent our constituency in Georgia,” Greene said, listing concerns about border security, inflation, gasoline prices and a shortage of milk powder. “Did it stop Putin? I ask. Did Vladimir Putin stop the war in Ukraine because of all these sanctions? No, not at all.”

she continued to explain claim she made in Two different compilations: The “globalists” have a financial interest in waging war in Ukraine, and the US should push for a negotiated resolution of the conflict.

Nick Dyer, Greene’s director of communications, said in an email to Insider that “MTG claims to have explained why it opposes these measures far more broadly than anyone who supports them.”

For Massie, a libertarian who has served in Congress since 2012, opposition to diplomatic measures is typical and part of a long record.

he Currently the only Republican to vote The only lawmaker to oppose (rather than against) the 2015 Iran nuclear deal vote against extension of Iran sanctions In 2016, his only party member was vote against a resolution condemn the boycott, withdrawal and sanctions movement against Israel; The only Republican to vote against It joined some progressive Democrats by sending an additional $1 billion in Iron Dome funds for Israel.

drinking Show off your recent voting records It argued that Ukraine-related legislation “prolongs the war, wastes taxpayers’ money and raises domestic food and energy prices.”

Here is a full list of the 18 bills the duo opposed:

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