Marjorie Taylor Greene Says ‘Don’t Repeat Putin’s Propaganda’ To Help Ukraine

Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene said “don’t repeat Putin’s propaganda” after challenging Ukraine’s $40 billion (£32.4 billion) package of aid on Tuesday, alleging that the Biden administration is using it to cover up crime. I was told “don’t.”

The bill provides $5 billion in military and economic assistance to Ukraine, replenishing arms shipped overseas by the Ministry of Defense and tackling global food shortages.

As Congressmen begin discussing support packages, Greene said, “It’s $40 billion, but there’s no formula for American mothers and babies.”

“There is an unknown amount in the CIA and Ukrainian additional bills, but there is no formula for an American baby,” she added. “Stop money system changes and money laundering scams. American politicians cover up their crimes in countries like Ukraine.”

But her remarks were criticized by Democrat Jamie Raskin, who asked her not to parrot Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda.

The Maryland regional representative told the House of Representatives that Green had “a formula for destroying democracy: repeating Putin’s propaganda and disinformation and pacifying imperialist attacks on the sovereign state.”

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed legislation removing a legal obstacle in Washington that must provide more aid to Ukraine.

The House passed the bill with 219 Democrats and 149 Republicans. Only two Democrats never voted on the measure, but 57 Republicans, including Greene, voted against. Now, the bill will be sent to the Senate before President Joe Biden signs it.

This isn’t the first time Raskin has rebutted a Republican leader following former President Donald Trump’s “disgusting appeasement of Vladimir Putin and accusing Ukraine” of a dispute in a European country.

He cited her in the House of Representatives last month. “She said, ‘You can see that Ukraine kept poking bears. Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine cannot win here. Russia succeeded in this invasion.’”

“We have members who are cheerleaders for President Vladimir Putin and who voice defeatism, fatalism and pessimism against European democracy,” he said at the time. Many false investigations into other matters”.

“She also said, ‘NATO is providing Ukrainian neo-Nazis with extensive training in powerful weapons and how to use them. What the hell is going on with these #NATONazis?’

In the wake of World War II, Raskin asked members of the House of Representatives to decide which side they would take.

“When Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and Americans looked at what was going on in Europe during World War II, when they saw the Nazis marching through the streets, they didn’t see very nice people on either side of the street,” he said. .

“They didn’t start cheerleading for Mussolini and Hitler and Franco. But we have people who speak on the side of Vladimir Putin and on the side of Russia.”

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