Marjorie Taylor Greene took a pro-gun stand after the Texas school shootings. ‘We don’t need more gun control,’ she said. We must return to God.’

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted her support for guns after an elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
  • Greene speculated that “sometimes drugs can be a problem” without evidence.
  • She argued that America should “return to God” rather than “need more gun control.”

Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene has made it clear that she is opposed to gun control in a tweet. terrible mass shooting Tuesday at an elementary school in Texas.

in Twitter After the incident, Greene made unsubstantiated speculation that “sometimes drugs can be a problem.”

“Our country needs to take mental health seriously today,” Green tweeted.

She added that she thinks America is “failing to the youngest generation, who have been rejecting good moral values ​​and teachings for decades.”

“We don’t need more gun control,” Greene said. “We have to go back to God.”

At least 19 students and 2 adults killed The active shooter started firing. Tuesday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Local police initially detained the shooting suspect, an 18-year-old man, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott later confirmed the suspect’s death.

shooting is Worst elementary school massacre since the 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre.

Green, who won her preliminary race He joined the choir of voices against gun control after gunfire in Georgia on Tuesday. This included Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer. Tweet “It’s time to arm teachers and restore prayer in public schools,” he said after the massacre.

Greene has consistently had anti-gun and anti-gun controls. She is known to hold a gun lottery and was seen harassing a survivor of the 2018 Parkland School shooting in a video that appeared in January 2021.

Green’s position after the Texas shootings is in stark contrast to Democrats and progressive lawmakers.

For example, Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants Senator Ted Cruz to attend the upcoming National Rifle Association event, saying, “Cruze does more than pray. can do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy has urged his fellow senators in the Senate to take action against gun violence in the United States.

“Why are you spending all this time running for the US Senate?” Murphy said. “If your answer is that slaughter increases as our children run for their lives, then we do nothing, so why bother with this job of putting yourself in this prestigious position? What do we do? Are you doing it?”

After speaking in the Senate, Murphy told reporters, “Please refrain from talking nonsense about mental illness.” tutelar.

“We don’t have more mental illness than any other country in the world. We can’t explain this as a prism of mental illness because we’re not outliers of mental illness,” Murphy added.

“When it comes to access to guns and the ability of criminals and people with serious health problems to get their hands on guns, we’re outrageous. That’s what makes America different.”

President Joe Biden also called for new arms restrictions after the shooting, stating that losing a child “is like ripping a piece of your soul.”


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