Marjorie Taylor Greene wins the Republican primary in Georgia

Far-right Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again been nominated as the Republican nominee for the Georgia District 14 House of Representatives.

The controversial Congressman won the primary on Tuesday by a large margin, and by the time the primary convened just before 9pm, she was leading her closest opponent by about 50%.

Greene faced opposition from outside stakeholders, including the PAC, which was funded by retired Congressman Adam Kinzinger, best known for serving on the Jan. 6 committee. But she refrained from bringing her enemies home and ran for re-election on Tuesday without opposition from major party figures in her hometown.

This came despite her being disqualified from committee and denounced by Democrats in the House of Representatives as an extremist and white nationalist. Worked Omar.

The Georgia State House of Representatives also faced stinging criticism of videos of chasing and harassing teenage survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting, which appeared to support the concept of violence against Democrats and made him active in the street gun control movement.

Congressman Donald Trump’s strong supporter continues to spread lies about the 2020 presidential election and Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in Georgia.

She maintains lukewarm support from House Republican leadership, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who lent support from her legal team to lift the Twitter ban.

Mr. Green is heading to November to an unfamiliar area. Her Democratic contender, who appears to be Marcus Flowers at the time Greene’s primary is convened, will have the advantage of facing a congressman in a newly reorganized district that now includes parts of Cobb County’s Democratic neighbourhood.

Mr. Flower will still face a tough fight for a seat given his overall demographics in November, but he has seen his campaign fundraising bolstered by critics of Mr. Green across the country.

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