Mark Zuckerberg presents the next headset from Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg tweeted today via his personal Facebook page. show a demo The company’s unreleased “advanced” VR headset.

While the actual product, now codenamed Project Cambria, is dimmed in video, Zuckerberg has demonstrated a “mixed reality” experience, in which the color camera in the new headset displays pass-through video of the outside world, overlaying a gaming-like experience on top. of that video.

The company has already stated that it hopes to leverage the device for experiences beyond gaming, especially productivity, but this demo, called “The World Beyond,” was definitely more gaming-like in nature.

The company’s $299 Quest 2 headset already has a pass-through camera, but will only capture grayscale images, while Cambria’s onboard sensor will capture full color for a more immersive experience. It also enables the device to have a dedicated depth sensor that helps the headset more accurately place digital content in the user’s physical space.

There are many unanswered questions about your device. What does “advanced” mean, especially in terms of price? Most of the meta sold VR products at a loss, but it is unclear whether this is a long-term strategy as it has doubled the metaverse. information Although previously reported as priced at $799 for the headset, a Meta spokesperson said the price would be “significantly higher” at the time.

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