Markiplier starts an OnlyFans account, but with certain ‘conditions’.

Markiplier recently shared his idea of ​​starting an OnlyFans account. However, he does this only if certain conditions set forth by him are met.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Markiplier guarantees OnlyFans accounts when conditions are met.

Markiplier talked about plans to open an OnlyFans account in his latest YouTube video on Sunday, October 17th. However, he was not silent about the nature of the content.

“All proceeds from OnlyFans will be donated to charity,” he added.

Markiplier also titled the clip ‘Let’s Get Started with OnlyFans’.

However, he later told viewers, ‘You have to meet the following conditions to become an only fan’.

The first condition is that his Distractible podcast must be number one on both the Apple podcast charts and on Spotify.

The podcast also has Markiplier running the podcast with two other co-hosts, Wade Barnes and Bob Muyskens. The three discuss a variety of topics, from news and everyday life that are usually relevant to the gaming community.

In the video, the streamer claimed that Distractible ‘never been #1 on Apple Podcasts’ but briefly topped Spotify.

The second condition is very similar to the previous condition. Markiplier revealed that when tan listens to his other podcast, Go!, he will start an account on an adult platform. My favorite sports team.

Unlike Distractible, these podcasts focus on news related to the sports world. He added that podcasts should top sports podcasts.

Co-hosts Markiplier and Tyler Scheid talk weekly about what’s happening in the sports community and athletes.

As you may not know, Markiplier’s decision comes after the 2018 charity nude calendar campaign.

Fans react to Markiplier’s announcement.

Fans were delighted with the recent revelation that he would launch an OnlyFans account if certain conditions set by Markiplier were met.

Fans tweeted their feelings about the YouTuber’s announcement.

One fan wrote, ‘Can someone give me money, I want to subscribe to Markiplier’s OnlyFans’.

Meanwhile, another said, ‘I will no longer pay for MARKIPLIER OnlyFans, not OnlyFans.’

Another user said, ‘Listen to the distracting podcast. I need Markiplier OnlyFans.’

Then someone else left a comment saying, ‘Will Marqui Flyer really make OnlyFans like they saw the screenshots on TikTok?’


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