Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie has yet to find a director or Sue Storm.

Bryce Dallas Howard has answered rumors that he will be acting and directing in Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie.

In early May, we reported on speculation that they linked the Jurassic World Dominion star with the upcoming Marvel movie. According to rumors circulating online, Howard is leading a highly anticipated project at Marvel Studios, starring in the film as Sue Storm, the only female member of the Fantastic Four.

However, such assumptions appear to be unfounded. At a fan event leading up to the release of Jurassic World Dominion on June 10, Howard was presented with a signature Sue Storm Funko Pop figure. After a fan initially scoffed at the daring move to get a scoop on her engagement, Howard added, “I didn’t think this would happen.”[They’re] When asked if she could confirm whether she had spoken to Marvel about the superhero movie, she replied “total rumor”.

“Oh My God!” When presented with Funko Pop, Howard responded. TikTok user andresnavytiktok (Opens in a new tab)). “I don’t think it’s happening – I mean, I know [this doesn’t] Include me or anything. I swear to God, I swear to God. Yes, yes, it really is. total rumors. Rumors abound, but yes… Thank you. But I will sign it. [Funko] Just for fun.” In follow-up tik tok video (Opens in a new tab)Howard signs Funko Pop with the message “We’ll see what happens”.

Interestingly, as she finishes signing the figure’s packaging, a fan asks, “Actually, you know the rumors?” Howard says he actually went to college with John Watts (Marvel’s Spider-Man trilogy), who was due to direct Fantastic Four before leaving the project at the end of April. deadline (Opens in a new tab)), and the need to break away from the superhero genre.

Rumors of Howard’s involvement in the development of the Fantastic Four aren’t the first to appear. In January, industry insiders claimed that Marvel Studios was ready to begin casting for Marvel Phase 4 production. Meanwhile, Moon Knight lead author Jeremy Slater has confirmed that Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin, who co-produced the Disney Plus show starring Oscar Isaac, have been appointed two producers for Fantastic Four.

Analysis: Cooking (Sue) Storm

Will Bryce Dallas Howard play Sue Storm? (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Major spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness follow.

The secret that surrounds all Marvel Studios productions today is hard to say whether Bryce Dallas Howard was involved in the Fantastic Four.

Yes, director The Mandalorian’s answer appears to be true and suggests she’s in the dark just like us. But it’s not out of the realm of the possibility that she might have actually been asked to work on her project, and if she’s signed her NDA (nondisclosure agreement), Howard can’t confirm whether she’s starring and directing. film.

Howard’s answer may pour cold water on these reports, but at least in the minds of some fans other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans may not be so easily convinced. No smoke without fire, and Howard’s response will help revive the rumor and bring it back into the public domain. In that sense, fans will continue to cook a storm on this particular speculation.

Still, at least Howard isn’t alone in dispelling rumors of the Fantastic Four. John Krasinski made a fan-pleasing cameo as Reed Richards/Mr. As the leader of the Fantastic Four in Doctor Strange 2, Fantastic has long been associated with playing characters permanently in the MCU. His wife Emily Blunt is also her fan favorite choice for playing Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, but Blunt has suggested that she’s not interested in appearing in a comic book movie.

MCU insiders will continue to leak information ahead of schedule, and it’s possible that some of those rumors are true. Unfortunately, until Marvel Studios reveals the official cast and director of the Fantastic Four reboot, we’ll be left in the dark as to who’s involved.

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