Master P’s daughter ‘Titiana Miller’ dies at the age of 29

American Rapper Master P is going through some of her toughest times with the recent news of the death of her daughter Tytyana Miller. The rapper’s daughter was not yet 30. Her sudden death shattered and shattered her father and her family while everyone tried to reach an agreement. But how did Tytyana die?

Read ahead to learn more about the sudden death of Master P’s daughter Tytyana Miller.

Who was Tytyana Miller?

Tytyana Miller was primarily famous as one of nine children of American rapper Master P, born to him and his ex-wife Sonya Miller. Tytyan was born on June 15, 1992. She hasn’t turned 30 yet.

It is said that her professional background was in the movie Mother’s Choice, which she returned to in 2010. Her other appearance was in the WE TV series titled “Growing Up Hip Hop.” But she didn’t get much attention. But her shocking news about her literally rocked everyone.

Master P and his son announce the death of Titiana.

Rapper Master P and his son Romeo’s social media accounts have revealed that Tytyana no longer exists. Tytyana was 29 when she died. The cause of Master P’s death is still unknown. However, both Romeo and Master P have said via social media that they want privacy in this time of loss.

Despite not disclosing how she died. However, the position of Master P mentioned mental problems and substance abuse as serious problems. But Tytyana’s news isn’t easy to share with both Master P and his son.

A Tribute to Tytyana Miller’s Sudden Death

While news of Tytyana’s death spread on social media. She has a look that everyone can’t believe what happened to her. As everyone recalled her previous work in films and series. Her sad news about her ruined everyone. In fact, it makes social media buzz with the news.

Meanwhile, fans of Master P expressed their condolences through SNS. Along with this, they expressed their heartfelt condolences to Tytyana Miller’s family. Because everyone will miss her forever.

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