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What is Judge Mathis’ net worth?

Net Worth: 20 million dollars
job: judge
age: 62 years old
country: USA
bear: April 5, 1960
Salary (annual): $5 million per year
last update 2022

Judge Mathis Net Worth: Judge Mathis is a retired 36th District Court Judge for Michigan who has a net worth of $20 million. Mathis is also a TV Court Show Moderator, Writer, TV Producer, and Speaker. Since 1999, Mathis has served as Judge Mathis, a syndicated reality courtroom show that won a NAACP Image Award and a Weekly Emmy Award.

Mathis holds the record for longest tenure of an African-American judge on a court show and the second longest tenure of any television arbitrator. Mathis has also established herself as an important leader in the African American community, providing mentoring, philanthropy, and campaigning to support African American growth. Mathis has also published two books: Street Judge and Of Being Judge to Criminals.

early life

Gregory Ellis Mathis was born on April 5, 1960 in Detroit, Michigan, to Charles Mathis and Alice Lee Mathis. In Detroit in the turbulent 1960s and ’70s, Alice raised Matisse alone after her divorce. Mathis and his family moved to Herman Gardens in 1964 and stayed there until circa 1970. To avoid increasing drug use and violent crime, they distanced themselves from housing estates.

When he was a teenager, Judge Mathis found out that his mother had colon cancer. During the 1970s, he was imprisoned several times on drug use and other charges related to juvenile crimes. Due to his mother’s illness, Mathis was placed on early probation.

While in prison, James Mathis continued to work for McDonald’s and developed a new interest in political affairs. He became a Democratic college activist and organized anti-apartheid protests in South Africa. Mathis earned a BA in Public Administration from the Ypsilanti campus and began looking for his job at Detroit City Hall.

early career

Mathis began her political career as an unpaid intern, working as an assistant to City Councilmember Clyde Cleveland. In the years after graduating from law school, Mathis was denied his bar license due to his criminal record.

Mathis took a summer course at the University of Detroit Law School and entered a four-year night school. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit Mercy Law School in 1987.

Political career and activism

In 1995, Mathis was elected to the Court of Appeals for the 36th District of Michigan. He is the youngest person in the state to hold the position. He has been on the top 5 judges for the past 5 years. He was also the campaign manager for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential nomination.

Mathis gave up to $92 in free fuel to local Detroit drivers lining up for the block. The event was held near the Mathis Community Center. He set up this fund as a thank you to the voters who voted for the district court despite his criminal record. Mathis then became campaign manager for Coleman Young’s re-election as mayor and was chosen to oversee the city’s eastern town hall after the victory.

After gaining national entertainment notoriety through his television shows, Mathis continued his interest in politics, particularly urban politics, and the African American movement. He was invited by the Obama administration to participate in a program that empowers boys of color. .

Mathis is also heavily involved in public outreach, community engagement, and fundraising for Michigan causes such as the Flint Water Crisis.

Judge Mathis Net Worth and Salary

television career

Just a few years after his appointment as a district court judge, he contracted the Syndication Network to produce his own show. The show “Judge Matisse”, which first aired in 1999, quickly became a hit. Judge Mathis, who handles small claims matters, is the focus of this series.

Judge Mathis is currently in its 23rd season, making it the longest-running single-production courtroom show, and the second longest-serving mediator in forensic television history.

In 2022, Greg Mathis is the new E! A reality show called Mathis Family Matters. He has also appeared on The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Larry King Live, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


name Judge Matisse
net worth 20 million dollars
age 62
key (1.78m)
weight 80KG (Approx.)
job judge
birthday April 5, 1960
place of birth USA
nationality American
income 5 million dollars (salary)
Spouse Linda Reese

personal life

Mathis is married to longtime girlfriend Linda, who was a fellow EMU student. Jade, Camara, Greg Jr. and Amir are the couple’s four children. Mathis is also a member of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church and is a recipient of the Oakwood University Black History Achievement Award. Mathis won a star at the 2022 Hollywood Walk of Fame.


By the end of 2011, Mathis had purchased a 6,400-square-foot home in Tazana, California for $1.9 million. Behind massive wrought iron gates, the nearly acres, Mediterranean-style, five-bedroom, six-bath mansion was completed in the mid-1990s.

The residence has a large double-height room with marble floors, wrought iron railings and multiple stairs. His real estate in Tarzana was registered for $3.2 million in 2018.

In Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Mathis bought a home for $970,000 in 2000 and sold it for $1,190,000 in 2009. Mathis sold a stunning $4.75 million, 7,755-square-foot Mediterranean villa in Beverly Hills, California, for $5.9 million in 2005.


As of 2022, Judge Mathis’ net worth is estimated at approximately $20 million. Most of his income works as a district court judge, earning $5 million a year as a television arbitrator. Mathis is not only a judge, but also a producer, actor, writer and lawyer. In addition to that, Mathis is known for his philanthropic work and has authored two books.

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