Matthew McConaughey says "The shocking reality of America" It must be resolved after the massacre in his hometown of Yuvalde, Texas.

Actor Matthew McConaughey talks about Tuesday’s tragedy. elementary school shooting Destroyed Yuvalde, Texas. The small town where at least 19 children were murdered at Robb Elementary School is home to the actor.

The shooting at Robb Elementary School occurred on the morning of the second to last day of the school year. Officials said the 18-year-old gunman, who shot the grandmother and crashed a vehicle near campus, “was shooting everyone” when he entered the building containing the second, third and fourth graders.

In a statement posted on his social media platform shortly after midnight, McConaughey said, “Once again, we have tragically proved that we are not responsible for the rights our freedoms have given us.

He said we need to “rearrange our values” so that people can find common ground “on this devastating reality of America that has tragically become a problem for our children.”

“The real call for action now is that every American will look in the mirror longer and deeper and say, ‘What do we really value? How do we fix the problem? What are the small sacrifices we can personally make today? ‘To preserve a healthier and safer country, state, and neighborhood tomorrow?’ he wrote, “we take our breath away once more and we cannot make excuses and accept this tragic reality as the status quo. .”

Many officials, gun control activists and celebrities have been quick to criticize legislators and policies after the shootings, and many say there is a lack of adequate legislation and measures to allow large-scale shootings like the Uvalde to occur. McConaughey seemed to repeat those sentiments in his statement.

“This is an epidemic we have under our control, and we all know we can do better on either side,” he urged. “We have to do better.”

Despite his Hollywood success, McConaughey has maintained a close relationship with his native Texas. Last year he could run for governor At least back then, it was an action that McConaughey eventually decided to oppose.

In a video posted online about his decision not to run, he called himself “a simple child born in the small town of Yuvaldera, Texas.”

“I never thought that one day I would be considered a political leader,” he said. “It is a humble and inspiring way to contemplate.”


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