Matz sent off for first place due to a stiff left shoulder

PITTSBURGH — Lefty Stephen Matts was sent off with a stiff left shoulder after pitching four in Sunday’s final against the Pirates. In the offseason, the Cardinals’ $44 million free agent Matz threw two strikes and two balls before winning.

Angel London, who was recalled from Triple-A Memphis before the game, came in to rescue Matsu. Rondón, who came on Sunday after throwing only 29 pitches in the major leagues, was needed as a long-term relief option after Drew VerHagen threw 2 1/3 scoreless innings on Saturday night in a 5-4 Cardinals win.

Matz appeared in the game with a 3-3 record and an ERA of 6.03. He suffered from long balls in 37 1/3 innings and allowed eight home runs.


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