Meet Alexandra Jarvis joining Netflix’s Selling The OC.

Streaming giant Netflix is ​​gearing up for Selling The OC, a Selling Sunset spinoff project that includes an all-new cast and new show. Real estate expert Alexandra Jarvis and other new real estate agents will join the new Oppenheim Group office team to sell luxury homes in Orange County. In her Selling The OC, Alexandra Jarvis will showcase her worth as her top notch real estate agent.

Netflix reported a spinoff of Selling Sunset in November 2021. The new series Selling The OC follows when Oppenheim Group founders Brett and Jason Oppenheim open a second office in Newport Beach, CA. The new show will give viewers an acquaintance with 11 new real estate-making forces moving amid the drama and chaos of the housing market.

New cast members working with Alexandra to sell multi-million dollar luxury real estate on the new show are Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri, Kayla Cardona, Sean Palmieri, Austin Victoria, Alex Hall, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Lauren Brito and Tyler Stanaland. . . The twin brothers will likewise appear throughout the season. Adam DiVello, behind The Hills’ Laguna Beach and Selling Sunset, created the spinoff.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis? Meet the real estate agent in the Netflix series selling OC

Over the years, Alexandra Jarvis has added many quills to her hat. ‘Lawyer/Realtor’ is not only Orange County’s premier realtor, despite the fact that she was originally from Alabama, but also currently owns Orange County as her new home. According to the official biography of the Oppenheim Group site, she has a college degree from Auburn University and graduated with honors in Spanish and International Business degrees. She then graduated from the UC Irvine School of Law with unique excellence, and in this way litigated business and employment law matters for the prosecution firm in Newport Beach.

According to People, Alexandra Jarvis, like her boss Jason, practiced law before jumping in to sell the house to maintain a legal meeting, and was later offered the opportunity to work as a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group. One of the top real estate professionals in the Orange County housing market, she generated nearly $40 million in sales in her first year of business.

At Selling The OC, practicing attorneys will use their extensive legal information in customer advocacy, debate and critical thinking to help them break the best deals with their clients and sell attractive homes. On the show, she collaborated with her fellow broker Alexandra Rose, and as Alexandra Jarvis points out, they are an incredible powerhouse. She is also friends with Selling Sunset’s newest broker, Chelsea Lazkani. While not working, Alexandra Jarvis cooks with her fiance and enjoys long walks along Orange County’s coastline.

netflix series OC Sales

Get Ready, Selling Sunset Fans Selling OC, a spin-off project series of the famous Netflix reality TV show, is almost here. On August 24, Netflix will deliver all episodes of the first season of the real estate show, which will follow a sparkling gathering of real estate agents selling luxurious waterfront properties in Orange County, California.

Selling Sunset stars Jason and Brett Oppenheim expand their business from Oppenheim Group to Newport Beach in 2021 under a Real Deal. They did a completely different group of agents and castings with them. If the trailer is any indication, the cast of Selling OC, which includes people, will also include a two-minute mystery of the upcoming season, where a cast part in which Gio Helou refers to himself as the best dog in the office is revealed.

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