Meet Aliana Mawla as Liam Payne shows off her new girlfriend.

British singer Liam Payne has been spotted with new girlfriend Aliana Mawla after breaking up with model Maya Henry. The singer had previously maintained her relationship with Texas model Maya Henry. My engagement to Maya was canceled a few weeks before meeting with Aliana Mawla.

Read ahead to learn more about Liam Payne and his new girlfriend Aliana Mawla.

Liam Payne and Maya Henry’s Relationship

While Liam and Maya are dating each other. They announced their breakup in June of last year. But two months later, they reunited. But it goes through all these ups and downs. The two, who were engaged, actually canceled their engagement last month.

So, according to current reports, she broke up with her ex. But she recently happened to be getting a lot of attention for this singer. Maya is still processing memories of her previous relationship with Liam. Liam seems to have moved quickly.

Liam Payne spotted with new girlfriend Aliana Maula

This Tuesday at Heathrow Airport, Liam Payne, along with his new girlfriend, Aliana Maula, emerged as a paparazzi spot. As the two of them walked, the two of them stuck together. The girl with Liam was holding the singer’s hand as she passed through the airport.

The two wore casual clothes. It was Ariana who showed off her warm visual in a white short cut crop top. She was showing off her perfect abs. Liam, meanwhile, was wearing a black T-shirt and bright trousers. A cool image of two people walking through the airport holding hands.

Who is Aliana Mawla?

It was Liam and Aliana’s first public appearances. Little was known about Aliana before. But Aliana is actually an American model who’s known Liam since her promotional video with J Balvin’s collaboration with Familiar. She worked with Liam for a promotional video in 2018.

She is 24 years old and is from Florida. Her social media account has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram. Her modeling work has been associated with FashionNOVA, Blush Mark and more. Meanwhile, the new lovebirds haven’t confirmed their relationship yet.

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