Meet Brent Peterson, banned from TikTok after running for president.

TikTok user Brent Peterson is gaining a lot of popularity on the internet when he claims he is running for president of the United States. Well, we have tons of TikTok accounts going viral on the internet for a number of reasons. But this time we found another account of user Brent Peterson claiming to be running for president of the United States. But who is Brent Peterson?

Read ahead to learn more about Brent Peterson’s word-of-mouth on TikTok as he claims he’s running for president of the United States.

TikToker Brent Peterson goes viral on the Internet

You may have seen several unique users on TikTok find fame in the app. Like “Unreal Keanu Reeves,” which went viral on TikTok for being the doppelganger of the Matrix actor. It has been very popular with apps that confuse many users.

@brent1330metalfunk #sweat with @arthurpbs ♬ Original sound – user26183418755

Well, this time another user Brent Peterson is going viral on the internet. Although he isn’t any celebrity doppelganger. But there is a reason he made him famous on the internet. Because he claims to be running for president of the United States.

Who is TikToker Brent Peterson claiming to run for president in the US?

TikTok user Brent Peterson is getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s a unique tagline he uses. His tagline for all his TikTok videos is “Vote for US President. I’m Brent Peterson.” This tagline appears on his Tiktok account @brent1330metalfunk.

@smoresontoast #duet with @harper davis #duet Vote for Peterson #brent peterson 2024 ♬ Original sound – user26183418755

This tagline made him famous as well as this tagline because his fans believe he is running for the next US presidential election in 2024. The hashtag #brentpeterson2024 is trending with over 37 million views.

Fans React to US President Brent Peterson’s Claims

Well, if you think Brent Peterson is really running for president of the United States in 2024. Then he isn’t asking for a vote just for fun. However, there is no official announcement as to whether he will actually run for the next president of the United States.

Meanwhile, his videos and slogans are rapidly spreading through the Internet. His fans created an edit page for the video to support him. Also, Brent often posts videos with funny filters that make him more popular.

Brent Peterson Banned From TikTok

Brent Peterson was completely banned from TikTok. The reason is still unknown. Fan reactions on Twitter

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