Meet Elyse Cizek TikToker, who asked Trevor Noah for a boyfriend.

TikToker Elyse Cizek made headlines on TikTok when she asked host Trevor Noah to be her boyfriend. Everyone is familiar with Trevor Noah and his fame. We recently got a TikTok video of Elyse trying to convince Noah to make her a boyfriend. But what exactly did Elyse tell Trevor Noah?

Read ahead to learn more about Elyse Cizek asking Trevor Noah for a boyfriend.

Who is Elysee Seek?

Elyse Cizek is a popular TikToker who is also an actress, writer, poet, singer and songwriter. She also has many followers on her social media accounts. One of her most famous collections of poetry was Nude Talking About Women. It was republished in 2016.

Another book, Elise’s Watermelon, talks about love and relationships. She also has an album called Afterlife. In addition to this, she has also appeared in other videos. However, recently she has been gaining popularity with her videos about Trevor Noah.

Elyse Cizek asks Trevor Noah to be her boyfriend.

TikTok is also popular among celebrities. On August 24, Elyse Cizek brought her Trevor Noah with a video asking her to date her. You can hear where she lives in her viral video and that Trevor and she are both single.

In fact, in her videos, she went on to praise Trevor Noah’s jokes. She said she’s taller than him and her mom thinks they’re the perfect pair. Her video about Trevor went viral on the app. There were many reactions to him.

User reaction to Elyse Cizek asking Trevor Noah for a boyfriend

As soon as Elyse Cizek’s video of Trevor Noah went viral. Several users liked her video. Noah had no reaction to Cizek’s video. However, users certainly reacted the same way. Some users said that Elise Seek’s video was cute.

Some said that Noah should accept the offer. One of our users even went so far as to say that this is the understatement of the year. But everyone is waiting for Noah’s response.

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