Meet Fuschia Anne Ravena, Cebu transwoman, crowned Miss International Queen 2022.

Trans woman Fuschia Anne Ravena from Cebu has been named the next Miss International Queen for 2022. By winning the contest, at the age of 27 she was able to make Pride Month in the Philippines even more memorable. An event was scheduled for June 25th in Thailand.

In addition to Miss Colombia Jasmine Jimenez for 1st place and Miss France Aella Chanel for 2nd place, Fuschia Anne Ravena defeated 22 contenders. Fuschia Anne Ravena is now the third Filipino to win a beauty pageant thanks to this. Kevin Balot won in 2012 and Tixia Maristela won in 2015. She was before her.

This contest is considered one of the best beauty pageants in the world for transgender women. By answering her questions about her support of her beauty pageant and the qualities she would confer if she won, Fuschia Anne Ravena won the hearts of her judges. She said she would start by encouraging others to spread love, peace and unity to achieve global equality.

Fuschia Anne Ravena undoubtedly won the hearts of applauding crowds at International Queen 2022. Fuschia’s speech on the value of being a transgender queen in society had the greatest impact on her judges.

All about Fuschia Anne Ravena

She is a business owner by profession and has long dreamed of becoming a trance queen and ultimately won Miss International Queen in 2022. When talking about her transition, Ravena revealed that it took five years to complete. She said:

“The transition started when I joined Queen of Cebu in 2013. I was challenged a lot because she was so feminine and it cost me a lot of money to get hormone replacement therapy, and I am so grateful that my family has been so supportive in everything I do.”

The trans queen runs a poultry company, but in fact she always wanted to enter beauty pageants. She competed and won Miss International Queen Philippines before winning Miss International Queen 2022.

She was previously a finalist in Super Sireyna 2018, but won the Super Costume award instead of the title. Fans around the world are celebrating her victory after witnessing her talent and compassion.

2020 Miss Grand International 1st Place Winner Hannah Arnold, Binibining Pilipinas International 2021 Winner Samantha Bernardo and fashion designer Jojo Bragais selected Ravena from among the jury as winners.

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