Meet Herschel Walker from football player to Trump aide in Georgia.

With more than 10 years of experience in the NFL, Herschel Walker is not the typical Republican candidate for the US Senate.

But no celebrity of any kind is Donald Trump’s Republican strength, making Mr. Walker the clear choice for the former president in a race to nominate the Georgia champion who will retake one of Georgia’s two Senate seats this year from the Democrats. Joe Biden became the first Democrat to win a state since 1992 in 2020, with John Osoff and Rafael Warnock winning the January 2021 runoff.

Breaking the mold of other former athletes, Mr Walker is quite active in national politics, dating back almost a decade. He first appeared in an advertisement paid for by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce to support a GOP preliminary candidate in 2014. Four years later, he supported incumbent Governor Brian Kemp to win a close election marred by Stacey Abrams and state interference and voter oppression.

However, the main factor that determined Donald Trump’s knighthood by his choice in the Senate primary is his voice over Trump’s plot for the 2020 election. Walker denounced Trump’s defeat as a “national election fraud”, claiming that former Vice President Biden got tens of millions of votes less than he actually did. His successful football career has certainly not been harmed. Before going pro, Walker led the University of Georgia Bulldogs to the 1982 National Championship and won the Heisman Trophy three times over the course of his career.

The NFL veteran met Trump in 1984 when the business mogul was pursuing an investment in the USFL, the NFL’s short-term competitor. The league closed after just three seasons in 1986, when Walker played for the Trump-owned New Jersey Generals. Since then, he has played for the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants.

He remains the nominee for the GOP nomination on Tuesday, thanks to his campaigning ability to consolidate support from Trump and his party, as well as from established figures including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But if he faces a general election, he may have a hard time keeping up with Warnock, who is well-studied on policy issues, Warnock said the latter has much more experience, and Walker has also been criticized for attempting to represent the country after the general election. can be faced. He hadn’t lived there for decades. He also faces domestic violence allegations from 20 years ago, when his girlfriend threatened the police to “blow her head off” during an argument. said Axios Last year, he said he should “take responsibility” for his previous violent behavior.

But many young Americans know Walker’s descendants better than the candidate himself. Despite his prolific career in the NFL, his son Christian has come to the fore in recent years with a burgeoning career as a right-wing influencer on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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