Meet Jenny Ryan’s husband, Alan McCredie.

Alan McCredie is the husband of British trivia, singer and television personality Jenny Ryan, best known as one of the six chasers on the ITV game show The Chase. In 2019, she competed in the ITV competitive series The X Factor: Celebrity for third place. Meet Jenny Ryan’s husband, Alan McCredie..

Jenny Ryan Husband Alan McCready

Alan McCredie appears to be keeping his personal life private. So far, there is not much information about Alan’s achievements. Alan McCredie is a Scottish businessman and entrepreneur. He was the co-founder of three companies. Alan is the co-founder of Veritas Asset Management, a London-based hedge fund. Prior to that he was a partner at Cazenove & Co., an investment bank in London.

Alan’s first business was Staveley Industries, an engineering firm he started in 1980 with his father, Robert Staveley. The company specialized in the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment. It was sold to a publicly traded company in 1997. In 2001, Alan and his father founded ABS Investment Management, a private equity firm. The company was sold to the Close Brothers Group in 2007.

But we do know that one of Alan’s books was nominated for a Saltire Literary Award because he was an instructor. McCredie frequently posts and promotes his photos online, including on his social media. Alan McCredie’s wife, Jenny Ryan, on the other hand, is an English quizzesman, singer and television presenter who appears as one of the chasers on ITV’s The Chase. Similar to her husband’s feat in 2019, Jenny Ryan took third place on ITV’s 2019 The X Factor: Celebrity.

Alan McCready Age and Net Worth

It’s unclear how old McCredie is. His date of birth was not disclosed. He appears to be in his late 40’s to early 50’s. Jenny Ryan was born on April 2, 1982 and is 39 years old. It appears to have been created by professional photographer, college lecturer, and seemingly happy man Michael McCredie. McCredie’s wife, Jenny Ryan, is known to be worth more than $4 million.

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Meet Alan McCredie on Instagram

Alan McCredie’s Instagram account handle name is @alanmccredie. He has only 393 followers. Jenny Ryan is a verified Instagram user. Her handle name is @jenny_from_the_quiz and she has over 54.5 thousand followers and 292 posts on her Instagram account.

At the same time, Alan McCready’s Instagram activity seems to be minimal. Alan McCredie is also a verified user on Twitter. His name is @alamccredie. Alan’s current Twitter handle is @alanmccredie and has 3,657 followers.

Jenny and Allen both appear to be enjoying their marriage, and there are no reports of any doubts or ups and downs in their relationship. It is also unknown whether Jenny Ryan and Alan McCredie have children. On her Instagram, Jenny says she doesn’t seem to talk much about herself, but neither does Alan.

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