Meet Lisa Banes of ‘The Orville’ As The Hulu Show Airs Title Card Tributes To The Late Actress

‘In honor of Lisa Baines, 1955-2021’ was written at the beginning of the program. Lisa Banes has over 40 years of her acting career and she passed away on June 14 last year at the age of 65 from injuries in a scooter hit and run accident. The “Gently Falling Rain” episode of “The Orville: New Horizons” began as a tribute to Banes, portraying Xelayan representative Speria Balask of the Union delegation in the Fox original series, which is now streamable on Hulu. But she’s back on air for viewers to witness.

Seth MacFarlane and the entire cast made sure Lisa Banes was recognized.

In Memory of Lisa Banes, 1955–2021 at the start of the show, written in white letters on a dark, starry background. Before the start of a new episode of the third season, Seth MacFarlane and the entire cast made sure the beloved actress was recognized. She says she will return for at least one episode during the season run of a live-action parody and a homage to the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” TV show.

Lisa Banes appeared in a 1994 episode of Star Trek.

Memory Alpha claims that Baines appeared as a guest star in the 1994 episode “Equilibrium” of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” According to the website, she played Dr. Renhall, who was “a trill and a member of the Symbiosis Committee.” 24th century. The story takes place in Terry Farrell’s 2360’s, where Jadzia Dax, Trill entered the world over three years. It was being evaluated on the committee campus by Renhol.

Lisa Baines

Lisa Banes’ Early Life

Ohio-born actress Cleveland is survived by wife Catherine Cranhold. She began appearing in numerous TV shows and Broadway theater productions in the 1980s. In the 1984 film “The Hotel New Hampshire” starring Rob Lowe and Jodie Foster. She made her acting debut as her mother. In the 1988 film “Cocktail,” she portrayed Tom Cruise’s elder love. She continued to work for several years after that. She has appeared in popular TV series including “Nashville”, “Masters of Sex”, and “Royal Pains”. Nonetheless, she rose to prominence for playing Marybeth Elliott in the 2014 film “Gone Girl.” Amy Elliott’s mother is played by Rosamund Pike. Nick Dunn, played by her son-in-law, Ben Affleck, in the film turned out to be the prime suspect. The mysterious disappearance of his wife, Amy.



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