Meet Lucy Smith as James Bay marries his childhood love.

James Bay and Lucy Smith, who welcomed daughter Ada Violet in October 2021, were recently married. During the presentation, James Bay shared a few photos from the wedding.

The first is a very contrasting picture of James Bay and Lucy Smith as they walk together, with confetti falling from the sky and Lucy Smith exclaiming with joy from all accounts. In the second photo, the two are close to two trees and looking at each other against the background of low summer sunlight.

James Bay started his career with the release of the EP The Dark of the Morning in July 2013 and the release of his second EP Let It Go in May 2014. The latter reached number one on both the iTunes Albums Chart and the UK Charts.

James Bay released his first studio album, Chaos and the Calm, in December 2014 and his song Hold Back River is known to be a hit on the UK charts. He then released his fourth EP, Other Sides, in January 2015 and recorded covers for Hey Bulldog and King’s Highway.

Who is Lucy Smith?

Lucy Smith’s personal life remains unclear. The main thing that has been revealed about Lucy Smith so far is that she is a music promoter in London. She said that Lucy Smith was admired as James Bay’s longtime sweetheart and had known each other since James Bay was 17 years old.

James Bay urged Lucy Smith to pursue music for the rest of his life and described him as the coolest person on the planet. They were precious companions before they became romantically connected.

James Bay likewise said that back in the day we would have been watching TV late on a Wednesday evening, and she said, ‘Hold on a minute. To become a major artist one day, you will undoubtedly have to go to some bar. Or a club playing a few songs at this moment. She planted it in me, and I went out and did it. I wouldn’t be here without her.

Back in May 2022, James Bay released a song called One Life, which described how he and Lucy Smith put their heads together and raise a child. James Bay said he and Lucy Smith had childhood experiences in a similar old neighborhood, and hiding their relationship was very important to them. He noted that One Life is a celebration of their journey thus far.

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