Meet Mike Thompson’s Girlfriend: Heather Rood

Mike Thompson’s wife Sugar Bear is attracted to his new lover, Heather Rood. Here’s what we know about her age and other information so far. Georgia Registered Nurse Heather Rood is famous for dating Mama June’s ex-boyfriend Sugar Bear (aka Mike Thompson).

Mike is a well-known TV and Internet personality in the United States. After appearing on Mama June’s reality show, he became widely known as Mama June’s ex-partner and baby daddy. Thompson was previously married to Jennifer Lamb and filed for divorce in early May. Since then, Mike has made significant strides in his life. Mike’s new partner, Heather Rood, is the current focus of attention and internet. Meet Mike Thompson’s Girlfriend: Heather Rood.

Mike Thompson’s girlfriend: Heather Roode

Heather Rood is Sugar Bear’s girlfriend and works as a nurse at a non-profit religious hospital. She is also the parent of a young boy who lives with her. It also appears to have little knowledge of her academic background or early career.

Heather Rood is Mike Thompson’s partner on Mama June: Not Too Hot, making her the spouse of TV and Internet personality Sugar Bear. It seems the celebrity has completely fallen for the young single mother. If their dating continues, Heather could appear on the show if Mike still appears.

Heather Rood Age: How old is she?

According to The Sun, Rood was born in August 1968 and has no fixed home or date of birth. She is 49 years old as indicated by Sun. Her birthday is unknown. However, Rood lives in Georgia and she is white and an American citizen. However, according to Sugar Bear’s lover Sugar Bear, Mr. Rood is 50.

Meet Heather Rood on Instagram

On Instagram, JeasMommy is the handle of Heather Rood. Sugar Bear often tags her in her photos. Her followers have grown by over 17,000 per hour since the day began. Mike’s boyfriend Mike currently has 69,000 followers.

What is Heather Rood Net Worth?

Heather Rood’s net worth is unknown as of May 2022. She has a successful medical background. She may have amassed a sizable sum from her earnings and investments given her job. According to court documents, Heather’s spouse, Thompson, is believed to be worth about $2 million.

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Does Heather Rood have children?

Heather Rood has children from a previous marriage. She is the mother of a young boy Jea. She hasn’t provided any pictures of him to the press, but he looks just as beautiful as his mother. Rood’s partner Mike is also the father of Alana Honey ‘Boo Boo’ Thompson, whom he shares with June Mama Kimia.

Sugar Bear Split With Wife Jennifer Lam

In December 2021, Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lam divorced. They had a hard time and her bear was accused of deceiving her. Besides, after losing over 100 pounds, Mike didn’t seem to have anything to do with Lamb. The reason for their breakup is unknown, but all these factors seem to have played a part in their relationship.

Mike Thompson FAQ

  • Who is Sugar Bear’s girlfriend?
  • Sugar Bear’s girlfriend is Heather Rood, a registered nurse from Georgia.
  • The two are currently co-starring in Mama June: Not too Hot.
  • How old is Heather Root?
  • Heather Rood is 49 years old as indicated in The Sun. However, her exact date of birth is unknown.
  • What is Heather Rood’s net worth?
  • Heather Rood’s net worth was not disclosed to the public as of May 2022.
  • But given her profession, she would be quite wealthy.
  • Does Heather Rood have children?
  • Yes, Heather Rood has one child from a previous relationship. A son named Jea.

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